Bittered episode 6


Episode 6

… As I entered the living room, Helen was about to cut her wrist with a knife. I quickly rushed to her and really struggled to collect the knife from her, I succeeded without hurting anyone and she fell on the floor and wept, I felt bad seeing my wife this way, I broke my promise on not to make her cry, that condition was beyond me.

“Babe I can explain, I swear on my life there are more to what happen, just please hear me out” I said to her amidst her tears.

She looked at me with eyes that could kill me immediately, she picked up the car key and drove out, after calling her to stop, she didn’t not listen and Immediately I entered the house to pick my own car key and follow her, I don’t want her to hurt herself, she has made the attempt and I keep calling her persistently but she won’t just pick up. but on a street not far to ours, she halted her car, I Did to mine too, wanted to get down to go meet her but I just have to stop complicating issues. After like 30 minutes, she reversed back and I turned my car as well and then she ended up going back home and I was glad she is returning back to our house.

She had enter the house before me and I had to wait in the car for some minutes before entering too.
When I entered I saw her sitting on a couch and the first question she asked me was “Why did you do it”?

This was the question I had wanted all along I was happy she want us to talk about This.

Then I knelt down in front of her to apologize firstly to what happen, “Joe! WHY DID YOU DO IT!” she screamed with tears.

“Helen, one thing I want you to know is that I love you so much and this is never what I want our marriage to look like, if you had noticed that for some weeks we got married I have been avoiding sexual activities with you, this was because I care much about you and if one thing I wanna do last is to hurt you and make you cry. I had many secrets I had kept away from you since we met, I don’t want to lose you and I love you so much, was why I couldn’t speak”

“What are the secrets”? Helen had managed to say these sentence to me and I had promise myself to tell her nothing but the truth, at least nothing to hide anymore, then I began,

“During my University days…

To Be Continued …

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