Bittered episode 5


Episode 5

…”What goes around truly comes around” I thought all these to myself, just as she turned to leave the room after was seems like a slight argument about our sexual life, she was wearing a backless top, if one thing Helen is also good at will be dressing good, smart and attractive, but for the past two weeks we had lived as couples, she had not wear anything to reveal her back. As she turned and I sighted the Scar at her back, the beast in me started ravaging, trying my possible best not to do it, not to grab her aggressively, not to kiss her roughly in a way that will hurt her but she is not walking faster either so the scar can’t leave my sight, I couldn’t take it anymore, I grabbed her hair from the back,push her to the bed, and start tearing her clothes, underwear.

She was so surprised with my actions and was begging for me to release her, the more the pains expression I saw in her eyes, the more hard on I get, all what I wanted right now is to watch her beg me and cry, as she cries, I gave her resounding slaps and also uses my hands to hold her mouth, she was almost suffocating as she is trying to free herself, my grip was stronger than hers, I forcefully have my way into her, yes I MOLESTED MY WIFE….

After the moment I came and stood up on her, I realized what I have done to her, she was crying as her under is swollen and really painful, I couldn’t feel my face to this shameful thing I had done.
“How could you Joe?, how could you rape me your legal wife? been making advances to you, I am not denying you sex rather you are the one slowing it down, Joe you raped me!! This is so unfair, I had always been an advocate for Rape victim never knew it will happen to me through my husband, I regretted the day I met you” Helen said those words to me and they pierced deep to my skin, as she is about to make her way out of the room, I stopped her to explain things to her, I know she may not forgive me but she deserves some explanation.

I know I messed up, I Know I have been a simp, she pushed me away from her sight, made her way to the bathroom to clean up herself and then proceed to the living room, she slept on the couch crying about the incident.

I couldn’t leave the spot I was and for many years in my life, I cried bitterly. What happened was beyond me. After an hour, I went to the living room to talk to my wife why things were like that.

As I entered the living room….

To Be Continued…

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