Bittered episode 2&3


Episode 2

…She gladly accepted thinking it was prove that I was not after her body, truthfully I was not after her body but that is not the main reason why I proposed a no sex relationship…

I derived joy, satisfaction and feel much better seeing a lady cry in pains during sexu@l intercourse. Slaps, beating, handcuffing and any other thing that will bring so much pains to my partner during sexx turns me on but how will I explain this to Helen? I had to keep it a secret, don’t blame me, I don’t want to lose her she is all what I wanted, dark, fleshy in the right places, beautiful and above all supportive, prayerful, a very good cook, Helen is close to perfect…

The inner beast in me can’t succumb to my personality instead it took over me.
I love bruises and scars too, They turn me on a lot I know I am weird, I get hard on at the sight of bruises on a lady, especially if it is caused by me during sexx, the more the sight of the blood, the more satisfaction I get.
Some ladies even thought it is for rituals and being successful, no one could have doubted it wasn’t ritual. or maybe it is a ritual which is a constant habit but not juju!

Helen have a scar at her back, anytime she visit me and wear a cloth to reveal the scar, i get turned on but you know what? I will always hid my h@rd on, I don’t want to scare Helen away from me, I don’t want her to leave me ,I love her so much…


Episode 3

.. On our wedding night, Helen could not hide her happiness I can’t hide mine either. It was fulfilling. She has been the woman of my dreams and I know she feels the same about me. After so many compliments about the wedding event, it is obvious Helen wants to get down with me. At least she is entitled to it. I am now her legal husband.

I am scared. I don’t want to hurt her, I don’t want to watch her cry. I secretly promise myself never to raise my hands on her, but I just can’t get hard on without my “ritual.” I pretended to have sleep off. That is understandable. Everyone is tired from the event.
Immediately in the morning, she was making the moves. I had to stand up, dress up in my work out kits, and jokingly told her she got fat overnight from too much eating at the event and told her to let us work out to burn that fat.

“Babe, now you’re calling me fat? “Wow, you are waiting to marry me to insult me,” she said to me. “Obviously I was joking and that is just a way to make you get your lazy body up from the bed,” I said to her, but that is just not the point. I can’t forget those I do’s promises I made barely 24 hours ago. One of them is that I am not going to make her cry.”..

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