Bittered episode 9


Episode 9

…Getting to the Hospital, my sister was lying on the bed with water being passed to her body system, I met her Fiancé sitting on a chair close to her bed, when I asked him what happened and how my sister got here, he could only provide an answer to the second one as he said my sister had managed to call him to rush down and when he got to our house, he saw her on the floor, with bruises all over her body and blood over her skirt, I knew what he was talking about, my sister is a virgin , I defiled my sister, I rushed outside to shed hot tears, my sister doesn’t deserve that.

A week later my sister was discharged from the hospital and when we got home, she narrated all that happened, I was curious to know if she could recognize anyone but she told us she couldn’t as they were men on masks, I was uncomfortable with the discussion but I have to avoid any suspicion.

My sister could not recover from what happened to her and the shocking thing that happen was that her Fiancé could not continue their relationship, According to him, when he informed his family about what happened, they strongly disapprove their relationship because according to them she is already a impure and stigma and he can’t go against his parent wish so he had to stop seeing my sister. She called me to inform because at that moment I am the only one she trusted, she doesn’t know I am the evil one behind her predicament, I ruined her! my sister’s r@pe story has circulated and it was embarrassing her as some were showing their concern others were judging her, she could not handle the whole trauma and my sister killed herself”…

“God you are evil, you caused your sister’s death” Helen spoke these words to me with tears in her eyes, I continued spilling again,

“When my sister died, I felt like going mad, the guilt in my heart increased, I gave her befitting burial and always go to her grave to ask for forgiveness of sin, after my graduation, I left the fraternity and every moment i will go to my sister’s grave to ask for forgiveness, I started going to church and was born again, everyday I asked God and my family for forgiveness because I betrayed them, anytime I think of my past it will haunt me as I am always feeling my sister will not forgive me. I started doing more alms and charity, truly bad deeds don’t stop goodness, I became wealthy from my sister’s left over business, she was initially the Coffee trader, I took over and multiply all that was left, in as much as I am a changed person, I have became so addicted to torturing my partner before having sexual activities, I have had a lot of broken relationships because no one can cope with it.

The worst of it is that, If I don’t brutalize a lady or see scars or bruises on her body I won’t get turned on, I am scared visiting a therapist, I don’t want anyone to know about my secrets, I know if I had told you all these from the start, you will never marry me, I love you so much and I don’t want to lose you” I concluded my confession and for more than 20 minutes there was ultimate silence, I am scared of what maybe going through Helen’s mind by now immediately I was done spilling my secrets, I was traumatized again by my sister’s death and I wept so bad, I wept like a child that I did not notice when Helen went to the room, when I was done crying I was searching for Helen, shouted her name till I got to the room, when I got to the room….

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