Bittered episode 8


Episode 8

“I don’t have a girlfriend neither a mother but I have a elder sister, since we lost our parents when I was in Secondary school she has been the one taking care of me” I was interrupted by Helen and she asked “Wait so you have a sister? but you told me you were the only child of your parents and that you lost your parents in an auto crash” she said to me with much surprise

“Helen please just calm down and listen to me, I am not going to hold back anything, I won’t keep any secret from you, truly I lost my parents in an auto crash but not my sister, my parents went out to a party together and didn’t take my sister and I along, on their way back, they had a fatal accident which cost their both lives” I told her and that was the truth, since then, my sister had been Like my mother, She also sent me to school because she dropped out and since then she has been hustling, my sister work so hard and she make so much money.

At my fraternity, they wanted me to Have a gang rape with someone dear to me, and it has to be in the way I have always do to so many ladies. My sister is the only one so dear to me and I was perplexed at their request, I begged them to mention another thing but that is what they want, I cried because my sister is what i least expected. I was given the ultimatum of three weeks to do it or they will kill my sister and I. I got scared by that but it is a decision I can’t take at that moment.

After two week, I started working towards my assignment. My sister doesn’t stay at home always so it had been hard to perform my task, I started tracking my sister to know where she was and would consistently asked her when she will be home so I can come to visit her, days are counting and if I didn’t perform my task, my sister and I will be killed. Then I started monitoring her movements unknown to her.

On the fateful day I will carry out my mission, I had trailed my sister all day till I was sure she won’t be going out anymore that day, I trailed her by staying closer to our house at an uncompleted building just 2 houses away from our building, I was watching if she would go out till it was 9:00pm in the night and I had sent to my guys to bring in masks and guns to where I was. We waited till it was 11:00pm, we all wore the masks and managed to enter through the fence and pretended to be thieves, I must brutalize my sister too just exactly the way I have always done to every other girl and I was the first to rape her, as I was on her with her struggling, I kept torturing her, brutalizing her and before I know it blood was gushing from her mouth until I was done, more than 3 guys did the same with her and my sister was unconscious, immediately we left the scene.

As we left the guilty set in me, I wept for doing that to someone who had nurtured me. But I don’t want to die. I don’t know who might have carried her to the hospital but I was called that my sister is in the hospital in as much as I know what landed her in the hospital, I had to pretend like I know nothing about it.

Getting to the hospital…

To Be Continued …

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