Bittered episode 10


Episode 10

When I got to the room, Helen was packing her clothes inside her boxes, I am about going crazy, my wife is leaving me.I went to her knelt down for her to forgive me,held the cloth she was about folding inside her bags and she sat at the edge of our bed crying profusely, I knelt in front of her and just keep begging her for the pains I have costed her,

“HELEN you are the only one I got and could help me out in this.
Helen, held my hands and look into my eyes and tell me to give her space.
She said she won’t move out of the house but will move the another room and she would prefer not to see me till she is done thinking on what to do.I accepted so far she is not going to move out I am fine, but I pleaded her about not seeing me and she said the more she sees me the more hatred she will have towards me.

She moved to another room and For more than four weeks She had refuse to see me, I don’t know how she managed to do that, I have sent several messages to her begging her and telling her to help me out. After four weeks, We mistakenly jammed as we were both coming out of our different rooms, immediately she saw me, she wanted to enter her room but I quickly ran to her,knelt down and started wailing for her to forgive me, she was also crying and she left me to the sitting room to sit down. I went to her, begging her that I am a changed person and I will never go back to my old ways. But it was like all I was saying were into thin air.

She left and entered her room, after three hours she sent me a messages that she want us to see I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing the message and after 20 minutes we met up on our dinning, she told me how what happened had affected her and of course she had resigned from her work because she could not handle the trauma but she loved me and would like to help me but that has not clear the hatred she has for me and that for the abomination thing i did sleeping with my sister I will never sleep with her for some time till we find solution to my addiction and forgiveness

Hmmmm, I accepted because that was not even what is on my mind at all. I just want my wife back, Then she has hired the service of a Therapist who would help me out with it and that we will both engaged in fasting and Prayer and ask for forgiveness of sin over what had happened and on the last day of our fasting, we will go to my sister’s grave with flowers and ask for forgiveness too. I want to do everything she says because I feel she is the only one that could help me.
after 3 month she was a bit free with me cooking and once in a while we talk, been giving me silence treatment but i did not care I will wait till she is convinced to forgive me too,

The therapist had help me out and for more than a year, I felt relieved and After we had done all the prayers, fasting, alms, charity I was a bit convinced I have been forgiven, but one thing even after my therapist session was over, Helen still will never allow us have sexx, been more than one year and My wife and I only had sexx once which was through my worst habit, I hate it and I needed her more…

To Be Continued…

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