Episode 1

“Helen! Helen!! Helen!!!” this is only what could come out from my shaky mouth. I sat at the edge of the bed with my two hands supporting my forehead as I bent his head. I gazed at the body of Helen my wife who laid still on the bed not moving and not shaking, I looked at her cold eyes and tears flows freely now from my eyes. I checked the wall clock on the other side of the room and it’s exactly 3:00am I looked back at Helen’s dead body, and I kept staring at her and reminiscing on our sexual intimacy just 3 hours ago before the misfortune happened.

“How did this happen”? ” some hours ago we were together, why did you do this to me Helen, what should I explain to the world”? this is me speaking to to the body laying still on the bed and looking curious expecting an answer from the body.

Helen and I had been married 2 years ago and it has been a happy blissful,

We dated for 6 months before taking a step further to the alter.

I had sent Direct message To Helen on Facebook after we both bantered ourselves on a group about a particular topic, Helen quite misunderstood me because she wanna prove “women supporting women” thing I had to message her to clear her doubt that I supported the motion of a rape case should be kept a secret, what I only meant was that to avoid stigmatization the victim should not announce it to the public. This didn’t go well with Helen and her comments to my comment on the group wasn’t going well with me and I have to private message her to clear my thought, we later talked about the issue and most other things and indeed I could tell she was a very smart lady.

Since that moment we turned intimate friends and after 2 months we took our friendship to another level and immediately wedding proposal started or what else should we wait for?
We both had a good job and well paid I am business man who deals with coffee exportation and other raw food product then also a Forex trader and on the other hand,she works for a company, “only poor people date for long years before getting married”, I thought, we planned to remain celibate till our wedding night since it is not far and all went well.

But there is something Helen don’t know about my sexual lifestyle and due to the fear of loosing her, I initially proposed the no sex before marriage….

To Be Continue…

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