Tangled Life


I was in between sobs, walking around my house that evening. I reached out to the small tap that was close-by and rinsed the slips of bloods from both hands. The stick my dad used on me inflicted some terrible scars on my hands. I washed my face, blew my running nose and went to sit close to a corner. I wouldn’t dare to sleep in that house because of my dad, I got him upset because I couldn’t provide the N20,000 he gave me earlier before he left to work. How I couldn’t find the money still remains a mystery. I had searched anywhere I could think of.

My mother had been absent for three days on a family meeting and assured to return the following week. As a young female graduate of 23 that managed to finish school early, I had nothing meaningful to do but had to return to stay with my parents.

I sat there thinking. Talking to myself and wiping my tears with my shirt. “Bisola when will you even leave this your broke life! A second class upper graduate of history education, have nothing to write home about. Oh God! This life just tire me Aswear. So because I said I don’t want to join my female friends to do illegal things that’s why my own blessing is being delayed. I can’t even boast of 50k”

I sighed with both hands on my cheek, frustration etched on my face. “If I were in my own house, all these bèating wouldn’t have happened. Although, I wouldn’t blame my dad, I fûcked up big time. Mostly now that things are very tedious, saving twenty thousand naira is not easy at all.

The only thing I knew how to do very well, was baking cakes and sausages like egg roll, beans pie, fish pie, doughnuts e.t.c.

It was when time was almost 1am that I sneaked inside the house because the cold was getting too much and I knew that my dad must’ve probably slept off. I got to his room and he was sound asleep.

The next morning when I woke up, he was preparing for work. I walked to meet him in his room knelt down before him and began apologizing.

“Daddy I’m sorry I lost your money. I’m sorry.”
“Sorry for yourself mtcheewww. Money that I want to use to settle something you misplaced it just like that. Telling me story upon stories abi. Bisola you ate the money!”

“Dad I didn’t. If I was the one that used the money I’d have told you. You used that stick on me yesterday because you were annoyed I understand. Please I’m sorry. Just take it that I’m owing you 20k I’ll pay you when I have it.”

“Go… Go don’t disturb me…”

“Daddy I’m not standing up till you tell me that you’ve forgiven me.” I said jamming the door.

“See! bisola you’re disturbing me. Don’t get me annoyed this morning. I’m already running out of time. Okay fine I’ve forgiven you. You can go.”

I stood up, opened the door and left.
After completing all the house chores, I locked the gate and went out.

In our family, there were originally four of us, with me being the youngest. Unfortunately, our elder brother Jack passed away from kidney failure. We were all graduates. My two sisters are already married, and I occasionally speak with them. Sandra has two boys, while my other sister has a daughter. We find ourselves at a stage in life where we are dealing with the challenges life throws at us, unlike the carefree days of our secondary school years, when we were still joking with life. My sisters already have a lot on their plate, and while I wouldn’t describe them as well-off, they are still managing to live their lives.

After a few weeks, I received some stipends and decided to make some sausages. I placed them inside a glass showcase near the roadside, ensuring they would be visible to passersby. I would either sit on a plastic chair to monitor them or ask my friend Veronica to assist me in keeping an eye on the sausages and alert me if someone wants to buy them.

That day I sat close to them as usual and I had made a sumptuous amount of sales. A short while(around 3:15) a very customized land cruiser parked few distance from me, The driver signaled for me to approach without through the front window without revealing their face. Excitedly, I picked up my white cellphone and began approaching with hopes that they wants to patronize my business.

© Nicholas Stephen

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