Tangled Life episode 4


“I told you I’m looking for my bangle and you’re locking the door… Hello? Faith I’m confused.”

“Your bangle is not missing just relax. Let me take my bath we’ll be leaving together.

“Be fast…” I told her, she removed her hands from my shoulders and headed to the bathroom.

Bisola so watsup, don’t you have a date?” She whispered while taking her bath.

“When was the last someone stepped on you?”

“Faith enough please I’m not in the mood to talk right now. You’re the one I’m waiting for hope you know.”

“Bisola you’re still baking those your Cakes?”
“Yes. You want to buy?”

“Hmmmm.. You need to start working o. You’re no longer getting young.. That your business is not helping, get other things/side hustle that’s giving you money. Can’t you see your beautiful curves? At least 70k is entering my account every month from the work and small runs I’m doing. Most times, man can come at anytime and small money can enter. E beta pass at all at all.”

“Wait. You mean hookup?” I replied her looking confused.

“Just act like I said nothing. It’s just a suggestion. It’s not by force, I’m just talking to you as a friend.”

“Hmmm ok.”

A short while, she got dressed and gave me the bangle and then followed me to the compound.

I eventually departed, leaving my mother behind. She had given me her card to withdraw some cash for my transportation and also to save some for when I returned home to prepare something for my dad. Faith spoke with me and accompanied me until I boarded one of the cabs.

After finishing my meal, I found myself pondering over what Faith had told me before I unexpectedly drifted off to sleep. In my dream, I unexpectedly found myself in a place filled with dried grasses, with numerous deep and cavernous holes scattered about. I was on some strange ripped gown. Peering into these holes, I could not discern their depths as they appeared engulfed in darkness. Struggling to leap across the first five holes, I suddenly heard a man’s voice calling my name. I scanned my surroundings, yet I could spot no one. “Bisola look back, it’s me. I’m here,” the persistent voice insisted. “Where are you? I can’t see you,” I replied, hastily leaping over the sixth hole before abruptly waking up.

I was cleaning the bath tub the following morning when I got a call, I rushed to my room to pick it up and it was the man that I came across the other day. At first I couldn’t recognize the person because I hadn’t saved his line.

“Bisola you haven’t been replying my messages why?

“Good.. Good morning sir.” I greeted, feeling attacked.

“Good morning, but why haven’t you responded to my messages? I not only sent you an SMS but also messaged you on WhatsApp,” he questioned.

I scrolled down my messages and discovered his messages – a total of five. It saddened me to realize that I often neglected many of my WhatsApp messages due to their overwhelming quantity. Responding to some but not all usually made me feel overwhelmed, during the last two weeks I hadn’t respond at any.

“I apologize, sir. I have been quite busy. However, feel free to call me, and I will be sure to answer,” I offered.

“Where are you? I want to see you and talk to you.” He said.

“I’m in my house.” I responded.
“Can we see today?’
“Okay but that will be in the evening. But what is it you want to talk about? I’m all ears.”

“This is more than just talking on phone.”
“Ok. Then probably in the evening.”
“Let’s make it by 5pm.”
“Okay sir.”

Exactly at that 5pm I waited for him at the front of the shop where I usually place my show glass and he drove there with his car. He was alone in the car. Mind you, I hadn’t informed anyone about meeting a stranger – my mother was still away on her trip, and my father was inside the house, sound asleep. It was on Friday precisely.

“You can come inside, are you feeling shy?” he asked

“Ummm, no sir,” I replied, and he opened the door on the opposite side for me. I settled in close to him, and then he banged the door and drew up the windows.

A few seconds after sitting down, I began to sneeze badly my body started to react strangely.

“Bisola are you okay?” He said, looking round and patting my chest as I kept sneezing.

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