Tangled Life episode 3


He kept explaining how he intends to see me and talk to me but it seems network was disturbing. I could try and understand what he was saying but my mum couldn’t.

“Mummy this person is my customer.” I said and quickly collected the phone from her and the call aborted.

“Customer indeed! Be careful o..” She muffled and opened the window by her right for the air to ventilate her. A message popped up and it was from him telling me we’d talk later.

“Mummy I’m not a child naa.”
“It’s okay. But just be careful.” She advised and I nodded..

I later asked her where we were going and she told me it was her cousins brother introduction. That she wants to join them in their meeting.

We arrived at the location and some were outside, eagerly awaiting the arrival of other guests. I quickly greeted my long-time friends Emma and Faith, who were busy feeding a male goat that was securely restrained by its left side.

“Faith afa naa. E don tae oo. See how you fat.” I said touching her tommy.

“U kno?” She said laughing.
“This goat too dey chop.” Emma lamented.

“Hahahah….” I laughed and greeted Emma who happened to be a bit older than me, he collected my number before I left to join my mum inside the house.

In their middle was two jerrican of palm wine and about five tubers of yam we’re also there. I prostrated in front of them to greet exactly how my mum taught me.

“Mum..” I answered
“That’s my cousin, brother Tunde, whom you just greeted,” she said, gesturing towards him as he engaged in conversation with others. “I understand that you may not really know him.”

As everyone patiently waited for the remaining guests, I felt overwhelmed by the unfamiliar faces I was seeing. These were mature men and women, leaving me with no one of my age to connect with. Seeking some company, I excused my mum and joined Faith outside, sat beside her, helping her feed the goat.

“Faith so how’s life after school. You’ve graduated right?” I asked her.

“Sinceee!” she exclaimed, twiddling her thumbs.

“No mind me. You know say e don tae naa.”

“Bisola I’ve made alot of terrible mistakes in this life..”


“Bisola if I told you I did 10 abortions when I was in school would you believe?”she looked around and whispered on my ears.

“Jesus Christ!”
“That’s too much naa. How come? This is one of the reason why I don’t indulge in unprotected sèx. Faith 10 is too much haba!”

“Bisola you won’t understand. Don’t judge people when you don’t really know the whole story.”

“Were you violated?”

“Bisola, not only that, but right now, as I’m speaking with you, my monthly flow has been causing me headaches. Sometimes it even comes out black, and other times I don’t see it at all. I don’t table my matta for pastor tire but nothing is happening. I don’t really know what’s happening with my body. If you were to look at me from head to toe, you would think I’m fine, but I’m not.”

“Faith I’m so sorry. Is your mum aware of this?”

“She’s only aware of the monthly low but as for the others I did tell her. Imagine the kind of eye she’d be using to look at me…. No naa..”

“Bisola are you trying to tell me that you didn’t sleep with anyone in school?”

“I did but the relationship shattered. It didn’t last up to eight months.”

“So did you tell your mother about it?”
“Ummm no…”

“You see, that’s the thing.”

“Bisola I’m hungry. I’m going home to prepare something. I was thinking they will kîll this goat today sef. My place is not that far. You can follow me let me show you. The goat don tire to chop sef.”

We held each other hands and deported. We entered her house, she prepared some indome and I ate as well. She was touching me in a way that was making me feel uncomfortable but I just overlooked everything. It turns out she was staying with her boyfriend but he was not around that day.

Later on, my mom called me on the phone, so I greeted faith and assured her that I would visit her another time, she was sad though but I told her I had to leave that my mum needs me. She already had my contact information. Mom informed me that the people they were waiting for had not arrived yet, which meant they would have to postpone everything until tomorrow or whenever the guests arrived. I ended up spending the night with my mum in that house.

The next day I couldn’t find my bangle that I usually wear on my left hand. After much thought, my mind quickly jolted to the time I removed it at Faith’s house when I was eating the noodles.

I rushed back to Faith’s house and it was locked. I knocked continuously and she opened up.

“Hi dear. You came back.”
“Oh oh you’re not dressed yet. Sorry for the disturbance.”

“It’s okay. There’s no big deal. You can come in. I’m about bathing” She said, giving me a hand gesture.

“Faith I don’t have much time to waist. I’m looking for my bangle. I’m sure I left it here.”

She tossed the milk colour towel that was covering her body on top the floor unveiling her mere pánts and bra. She cleared her throat and locked the door.


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