Tangled Life episode 9


Based on the evidence provided by the young boy, it became increasingly apparent that my mother was having an affair with Julius. The first piece of evidence consisted of a picture showing my mother drinking and dancing in a club. The second piece of evidence was a video clip depicting my mother getting into the same vehicle as Julius. While I found it challenging to believe, I decided to act as if I hadn’t seen anything and resolved to uncover the truth on my own, even considering the possibility of catching them in the act.

I asked Julius when he would be leaving and he told me anytime soon that there was no specific date.

“But you said you won’t spend up to two weeks here.”

“Yes ummm I later changed my mind. You know you’re my princess..” he said, hugging me from behind but I quickly removed his hands.

“Bisola what again.”
“Just stop. I’m not comfortable.” I said and walked away.

He was talking to me, calling my name but I snubbed him.

I rushed to complain to Suzan but she was absent. I later strolled out with my aunt.

There was one very night that I was asleep something quickly tapped me to wake up. I felt the person’s touch. Upon waking up, no one was in the room.

My two legs were weak. I sat on my bed and began thinking.

I went to the bathroom to relieve myself, and while I was there, I heard one of the nearby room doors open and then lock. My instincts told me that someone had either entered or left without being noticed. The door belonged to Julius. I quickly flushed the toilet and hurried to open Julius’ room. To my surprise, he was sitting on his bed in nothing but his shorts, visibly sweating.

I asked him the reason why he was sweating and he told me that the heat was too much.

“But why didn’t you turn on the A.C?”

“You know it’s midnight na. It’s not been long I woke up. Baby c’mon why all these questions?”

“I… I.. I don’t just know. I feel something isn’t right..” I stuttered as he approached and held my hands.

“Something like?” He said, pecking my left jaw as I faced the other side.

“I’m not sure..”
“Babe C’mon.” He said and escorted me to my room. Massaged my back a little till I later dozed off.

I later borrowed some money from my parents a few days later and went to the market to buy my ingredients as usual to prepare sausages.

Fortunately, everything went according to plan, and I was able to sell half of the items. The following day, I sold the rest. However, despite this success, the lingering thought of my mother having an affair with Julius continued to plague my mind. It had been three weeks since Julius began staying with us.

On that Sunday of the same week, our family gathered for church. As soon as we gave our first offering, I noticed that Julius and my mother were nowhere to be found. My father sat near the pastor, alongside some of the church committee members. Vivian had been assigned to the children’s department that day, so she was with the children and the other ladies. I searched high and low, but I couldn’t locate my mother and Julius.

Out of curiosity, I rushed to meet my dad and told him that mum had left.

“Okay so? You are leaving too?”
“Umm yes Dad.”

“But why? I’m still around and service is not yet over.”

“I know..”

“Okay then. But give her this her bible. She forgot it” dad said and gave me the bible. I took it greeted aunt and left.

I bought some oranges on my way with the little change I had on me.

I got to the compound by 11.40am and Julius car was parked by the left, meanwhile he was the one that drove all of us to the church. Curiosity piqued me.

“What would Julius be doing here when service was still on?” I said sneaking inside the house.

Immediately I got to the verandah, I heard some whispers and I was100% convinced that was my mum’s voice.

“Chaaai see how you just dey hit am well. Even my husband no dey fit run am like this. Chaai you be real man joor.”

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