Tangled Life episode 8


It was Julius pressing his phone smiling while seated on my mum’s bed.

“Julius I’m talking to you!” He turned and quickly put away his phone. It appeared that something on the phone must’ve jolted his attention.

“Babe I.. I came to greet your mum this morning but she just stood up and left… She was trying to tell me to stay away from you. I… I…” He said, reducing the volume of the music.

“You know I’m not happy seeing you here. It makes me to think otherwise. This is my mum’s room, and you know she isn’t comfortable with you being here in the first place. Yet, you still went into her room. I specifically asked you to give me some time to talk to her about it…”

“Think otherwise as in..”
“Not…. Nothing.. But I’m not comfortable seeing you here. It doesn’t make sense for someone like you, who is just visiting, to enter my mum’s room, you know?”

“Bisola c’mon. You complain too much. I’ll be leaving soon don’t worry too much.

“But an experienced and well educated man like you ought to know these things..”

“Try talking to your mum. Because of you I had to take two weeks break from my manager which is why I’m here. I’m free with everyone. As you can see I don’t bear any grudge against anyone. I’m here today because of the solid foundation I’ve laid for myself.” He said while I vehemently exhaled and rested my head on his laps.

“I understand you. It’s not still easy on you but when was the last time you saw my mum?”

“Around 7:45 and I think she left with your aunt.

“Yes love!”

“There’s a business in my mind that I intend to start up although it’d require some capital for me to start up.”

“That’s good. So what kind of business are we talking about here?”

“I want to venture into real estate. The prices of lands, properties keeps appreciating every year. Julius I know it’s capital intensive but I believe with your support we can work things out..

“I can start by partnering with one of the real estate companies and helping them to advertise their business. From there I can save some money to buy at least half plot of land.. It’s a gradual process..”

“I don’t buy that idea. Think of something else.” He said and walked outside.

“But why?”
“Julius why?” I questioned anxiously, trailing after him.

He began cleaning his car glasses.

“Are you looking down on me because I’m still young? In short are you aware that I’m a graduate like you?”

“I don’t have any reasonable source of income as it stands. I can’t continue like this.”

“Just relax everything will fall into place when we’ve finally settled down. In short I’m already seeing you as my wife..” he assured.

“Pheeww!” I sighed with both hands on my waist.

I went to Susan’s house one of the days to check up on her and luckily bumped into her outside eating yam and red oil.

I sat close to her, washed my hands after greeting her and picked one of the yams while frowning my face.

“Bisola you’ve not told me anything about that your man since he came.”

“Suzan I’m just confused. I don’t even know what I want.”

“My mum I don’t understand her. Business idea that I was thinking Julius would support, it later turned the other way round. Suzan is my man not supposed to support my decisions?”

“It depends.”
“Suzan, you’re the closest friend I have, and I really value your advice. I’m facing a dilemma and I don’t know what to do.”

“Don’t feel pressured to make a decision right away. There’s still time to think things through. Have you ever asked him for money before and he didn’t provide it?”

“I don’t want to keep relying on him for money. I want to become financially independent and experience the satisfaction that comes with earning my own income. Unfortunately, my baking business hasn’t been able to expand due to the lack of funds. Right now, the business I have in mind now is dealing on properties.”

“Bisola eat yam. Eat o don’t let life’s problems to stop you from eating. Na who dey alive dey think of making money o” She said, putting some yams in my mouth. I later left and began strolling along the roadside.

I reached called Sandra and Deborah, who are my elder sisters, and shared with them some of the difficulties I am currently facing. They both advised me to take my faith in God seriously because they are also going through challenging times. I inquired about their own families, and they assured me that everyone is doing well. As we concluded our call, Sandra even kindly credited me with 5,000 Naira to help me manage myself.

I was thinking of the next person to call on my phone when my thoughts suddenly turned to Faith. I dialed her number, but unfortunately to, her phone was switched off. I made several attempts, but encountered the same outcome each time. Greeted few of my church members that passed by and went home…

I had been informing my dad about mum’s behavior of not communicating with Julius but dad kept reassuring me that he’d talk to mum..

I was outside, taking care of my laundry around 11 am, when a young man approached me and struck up a conversation. Julius and Dad were inside, engrossed in their own discussion, while Mum and Vivian had hastily left after we finished breakfast.

“Good morning..” I greeted him, gazing at him.
“Morning. I actually came to show you something. You’re bisola right?”

“Yes any problem.” I asked anxiously.

“Isn’t that your mother, Mrs. Morayo, that I see here? I took this picture at Ogben club last night” he asked, holding out a picture that was somewhat unclear to me. My heart began racing. The location appeared to be a club, where she was spotted dancing with a man while holding hands.

“I can’t see it clearly let’s go to the verandah.” I said and he followed me.

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