Tangled Life episode 7


“Of course she’s my mum. Julius can you explain to me what’s going on?”

“I… I.. I..” he began stammering.
“What!” I shouted angrily.

“Bisola what’s going on….” Mum muttered and paused upon hearing how I shouted.

“Mum.” I called her and she was calm staring at Julius strangely.

“Is he the Julius you’ve been telling me about?” Mum asked me gazing at him

“Yes mum. I don’t know why he’s finding it difficult to enter the living room.”

“Julius say something.” I said hitting him

Without uttering a word, mum raised her skirt and made her way back to the living room.

Dad was the one that took Julius inside and gave him one of the vacant rooms to make use of. Dad and Vivian wasn’t feeling strange at all and was happy after learning about his background and job but I had a strange feeling that my mum was not comfortable seeing him. Since Julius came I hadn’t seen my mum talking to him.

That same day, around 12:30am(night) mum came to my room to warn me to stay away from him that he’s not the right man for me, I immediately became frozen with thoughts.

“Mum I still don’t get why you changed all of a sudden. Mum what’s going on?”

“He’s not the right man for you can’t you listen? I’m your mother for crying out loud.”

“Someone you barely know? Julius came yesterday and I’m pretty sure it’s your first time setting your eyes on him. Mum what’s going on or do you know him somewhere? Now that I want to give love a second chance my mother wouldn’t let me?” I cried as tears flooded my eyes.

“Not that I don’t want you to settle down. Just understand me. There are so many men out there and the right one will find you.”

“Mum I can’t. I love him.”

“Mum, it feels like you don’t understand me at all. It seems like you’re only focused on your own needs, without considering how I feel.” I exclaimed, my voice filled with frustration. I ran out of the room with my torch and sat on the chilly sand in the backyard crying silently and counting the few granite that was nearby.

The next morning, as breakfast was being served by my aunt, Mum informed us that she was fine but couldn’t join us at the dining table. It was the first time she had chosen not to eat with us, which struck me as unusual. Deep down, I sensed that it had something to do with Julius. Julius and I ate together, Vivian and dad used a different plate.

Dad ate and went to work.
Vivian later joined me outside as I was conversing with Julius.

“Julius what’s up with you and my mother?”
“Nothing actually. I don’t even know her.” He claimed.

“Julius don’t lîe to me. I hate lîes please.”
“You don’t believe me?”

As I glanced further, I caught a glimpse of my mum discreetly observing us from behind the slightly drawn curtains. She quickly retreated once she realized I had spotted her.

“I’ve noticed that you and Mum haven’t been getting along. I haven’t witnessed any conversations between the two of you,” I voiced my concerns.

“I greeted her this morning, but she didn’t respond,” he replied.

“Why are you telling me this now?” I questioned, frustration seeping into my words. “You should have informed me earlier so that I could have discussed it with my dad.”

“Bisola I’ll try and talk to her. You know how my sister behaves at times.” Vivian said and left.

“Please do abeg. I don’t understand my mum at all.” I lamented.

“I’m not happy that mummy is not talking to you. I’m serious.” I complained.

“It’s okay..” he assured, holding my cheeks.

“It’s okay my princess. Let’s go out. I’m not really a fan of sitting in one place.” He said.

“Okay let me get dressed. I’m coming.” I said and left.

After some time, I eventually returned and he drove me to various places. We visited beautiful hotels, indulged in delicious ice cream, enjoyed swimming, and even went to a cinema to watch a movie premiere.

We got home when it was nearly 6pm. It was hard to believe that we had left home around 9:30am in the morning.

That night he requested for sèx and I let him in because I genuinely believed that he loved me and that we shared a special bond, we eventually drifted off to sleep in my room, completely worn out from the day’s activities.

Throughout the night, my mum would come into my room to check up on me by turning on the light. However, each time she saw Julius beside me in my bed, she would simply turn off the lights and leave without saying a word. She did this repeatedly, at least five times that night of which I noticed.

When I awoke at around 8:00am, an eerie silence filled the house. Curiosity piqued, I made my way to Julius’ room only to find it empty. As I continued down the hallway, I could hear faint sounds emanating from my mum’s room. Intrigued, I slowly pushed the door open and saw…

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