Tangled Life episode 10


I let out a deafening scream and strained my ears to listen for any signs of their presence while they were desperately attempting to conceal their tracks. I hurriedly raced to the main room, driven by the sheer speed of my legs, only to find my mother standing there, wearing nothing except for a pink bra and tight. Clutching her wrapper, she adamantly shielded her body with it. Julius, on the other hand, was barely clothed with just his shorts. Without a second thought, I charged towards Julius and delivered three resounding sláps.

Mum ran outside with her wrapper without saying a word. I ran after her but but I lost her. When I returned back to the house no one was present. I borrowed little airtime from M.T.N and hurriedly called my dad.

He ignored my call twice. Frustrated, I dialed Aunt Vivian’s number and thankfully, she answered. I urgently pleaded with her to return home as quickly as possible, informing her that there was an urgent matter at hand. I assured her that she wouldn’t believe what I was about to share with her. Within twenty minutes, both Dad and Aunt Vivian arrived at the compound in a taxi. Dad settled the fare with the driver, who then left. I sat outside frustratedly. Shedding hit tears and thinking about everything, my legs tightly gripping the dusty ground.

I revealed every detail to them, but my dad struggled to believe it. In an attempt to find answers, he went in search of my mum, while Aunt Vivian stood by my side, offering her comfort and solace. In a fit of frustration, I stood up and intentionally punctured all four tires of Julius’ car with nails.

Later, around 6pm, my dad returned with my mum. He dragged her to the front of the compound where I was waiting, and it became evident that he had uncovered the truth on his own.

Mum’s wrappers was terribly torn crying and pleading for forgiveness as dad kept feasting on her. Few of the indigenes were present, some were observing, while others were trying to separate mum from dad.

I found myself alone, quietly shedding tears as I sat with my hands tightly clasped between my legs, trying to keep to myself. People would approach me with questions, but I chose to remain silent, even with my best friend Suzan. I couldn’t bring myself to say anything, so I simply cried. Overwhelmed with frustration and anger, I impulsively broke Julius’ car glasses using some wooden objects I found nearby. I threw the woods aside, feeling a surge of anger, and then abruptly left the house amidst the crowd. Suzan, however, chased after me.

The next day, as I was leaving Susan’s house, I heard the shocking news that Julius had been arrested by my dad. During the investigation my elder sister, pastor’s and so many persons I’m familiar with were present as witness. It was discovered that Julius had never truly loved me. His sole intention for dating me was to get close to my mum, who was apparently his sugar mummy. I learned that everything he had told me about his personal life was a lie. To my surprise, it was revealed that he had a six-year-old son whom he was financially supporting. Even more shocking was the discovery that his relationship with my mother had been ongoing for over three years, unbeknownst to my dad.

The officers informed us that they could only impose a fine on him, as it was not considered a rápe case. They also blamed me and my dad for being careless. They mentioned that matters like these are usually resolved within families. Julius later paid the fine and walked away without any further consequences. After all that had happened, my dad chased my mum out of the house.

Feeling lost and overwhelmed, I made the decision to leave as well, in order to start a new life for myself. As for Julius car it’s still where it is till today. It was during this time that I received the heartbreaking news that Faith, my dear friend, had passed away. She had been battling with a serious health issue, and sadly, she couldn’t overcome it. I traveled to her grave in her hometown to pay my last respect. I bought some wine which I poured on her grave. Greeted everyone of them before I later left.

From the age of 23 until I turned 30, I was just living a tangled and messed life. A life without a direction.

The other day, I experienced a devastating incident where I was robbed of N300k. That money was meant to cover several important expenses, including my house bills. It was not solely my own hard-earned money; it was a combination of contributions from my friends, dad, sister, and my modest savings. This unfortunate event occurred during a vulnerable period when I had just moved into my new rented house. I felt disoriented and unsure of what path to take.

In addition to the little teaching job I managed to secure, thanks to the help of my sister, where I am earning 50k per month, I continue to navigate through life. However, with my mother no longer in my life, I attempted to contact her several times, but she never answered. Whenever my coworkers noticed my troubled state in the staff room, they would inquire about it, but I always assured them that I was fine. The pain of my mother’s absence was incredibly difficult to bear. She is still my mother, and I find myself torn between forgiving her or not. Meanwhile, my dad had made it clear that he never wanted to see her again in his house.

Life can be complicated and overwhelming. Some situations are so challenging that it becomes difficult to find a way out on our own. People change, and it becomes harder to trust anyone but yourself.

The end

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