Tangled Life episode 2


“Good afternoon sir!”
“Afternoon!” The one by the right responded. He was putting on a native agbada and was on light glasses. The car was so chilly and my assumptions were the Air conditioner was turned on.

“How are you?” He asked, gesturing his hands to the other person’s that were sitting on the back seat.

“I’m… I’m fine sir..”

“Can I have ten minutes discussion with you?”

“Okay I’m listening.”
“Do you mind coming inside?” He said, smiling and adjusting his glasses gazing at me from head to toes.

“You can tell me whatever you want to say here. I’m listening.” I said, curiously. In my mind I was like ‘what is this man up to.’

“No problem.” He chuckled and smiled awkwardly as he said, “Just package three egg rolls for me. I’ll stop by another day, and we can have a proper conversation.” I followed his instructions, he paid me, I gave him his change, greeted him, and then he drove off.

“Nawa. This man thinks I’m one of those illiterate that he can easily manipulate abi. Nawa o.” I muttered, folding my hands.

The remaining fish roll I ate it and carried the show glass on my head and went home but nobody was around. I checked my purse and I’ve made some sumptuous sales. I went to church that evening and joined my members in prayers.

Suzan one of my church member came to my house the one morning(approximately 9:30) that I was sweeping outside the compound with our long broom. My body was a bit dirty.

“Bisola how you dey?”
“I’m fine o. How your people?” I said dropping the broom and sitting close to her.

“We thank God o.”
“Your mum nko?”
“She’s inside. She returned late yesterday. You want to talk to her?”

“No just feel bored then decided to reach your side.”

“Oh what of Gift; your boyfriend?” I asked her.
“Oh he’s fine o. He even told me he’s not feeling fine. Although he went to work regardless.”

“Bisola afa na. With the way you’re doing I don’t think marriage is not even in your dictionary for now. You’re a graduate o hope you know.”

“Marriage ke! Please keep marriage for now. I’m still trying to gather myself. Life is very difficult now, I remember when I used to buy ordinary pure water for N5 they even use to sell three for me N20 sef but right now you can’t purchase sachet water for N10. Titus Sardine that I usually buy for 150 now it’s over N500.”

“What na.”

“You complain alot shoo. Complaining will not change anything. Dollar keeps increasing everyday. It’s good to marry early. Don’t you want to see your grand children? How would you feel if you’re fourty and your children are already over twenty?”

“I understand but I’m not ready for marriage yet. I received alot of shege when I was still in the university.”

“Just let go of the past and move on. See your bwess see how Dem just dey shake up and down, you no want make man enjoy Dem small… Men and bwess no be here o.” She teased, smiling and pinching them.

“Leave my bwess joor.. Da one concern Dem.” I laughed and stood up.

“Benita …”
“Ma..” I answered, it was my mum.

“Suzan we will talk later abeg.”
“Okay naa.” She said, greeted my mum and left.

Mum told me to get dressed so I can join her to where she’s going. It was when I was in the taxi with my mum that I got a call from a strange number. The person was a man. He was trying to express himself but I told him that I don’t know who he’s talking about that it’s a wrong number.

He further went on to tell me that he was the man that came with his car the other day and bought some egg roll. Suddenly, it clicked, and I promptly greeted him and apologized for my initial confusion.

“I’m terribly sorry, sir. I didn’t realize it was you. But how did you get my number. Understanding, he replied, “No problem. This must be your WhatsApp number, correct?”

“Yes..” I answered.
“Alright but where are you currently?”

At that moment, my mom grew curious. ” Bisola who are you talking to and why the unnecessary questions?” mum questioned me, collected the phone from my hands, placed it on loudspeaker and began listening to what he was saying.

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