Shackles of my husband episode 5

THE SHACKLES OF MY HUSBAND by Olowojesiku Deborah Iyanu

Episode 5

I look out of the window watching the singing bird that particular hour of the morning, I looked at my protruded stomach and tears begin to drop from my face, I looked tired and stressed.

It has been five months since I started leaving with Teacher Emeka’s parents and my pregnancy is already in its second trimester. Life has never been fair since I step my feet into that house. Mama Ada claimed I brought so much misfortune to her son, Teacher Emeka calls me the bad luck and he wished he never met me, I think I should be the one calling him that. Teacher Emeka’s father had been indifferent about the whole issue, I feel his wife has an upper hand in the house.

Mama Ada would never stop reminding me how I brought so much gloom to her son, she would always narrate to me that her son was already making headway in life before I came into his life and the moment he met me, he lost the direction God gave him in life.

Virtually everyone in the village knew me to be a life destroyer since that was what Mama Ada portrayed me to be, she would always tell whoever care to listen that her son’s life was already making sense until he came in contact with me. I contemplated running away but where would I run to? Will anyone want to help me with all the things Mama Ada has said about me?

To make matters worst, all Teacher Emeka did was wake up in the morning, have breakfast, and go to the local bar to drink away his life, he would come back home drunk and then mess up himself. Other times, he would stagger into the store and rape me. All of a sudden, I hated the s*x which I once loved, I wished I had hated it in the first place.

My pregnancy grew and I registered for antenatal at the village hospital. The disgusting look people gave me whenever I go for check up was something else but then, I learned to always ignore their looks and words.

I had one month to put to bed yet, nothing was bought for my unborn baby. I had to sit Teacher Emeka down one evening to ask what we would do about the baby things but all he could say was that I should get money for the baby things since I was too dumb to let the pregnancy happen. At that instant, I lost it, I spoke angrily to Teacher Emeka for the first time in my life.

Me: look at who is talking, I let the pregnancy happen right? Don’t you know that I would get pregnant when you were busy sleeping with me? I thought you said you were always using protection, how then did I get pregnant if you didn’t have the plan to impregnate me?

Teacher Emeka: watch what you say to me, I am not your mate

Me: ohh, so you just realized that. Didn’t you know we weren’t agemate when you came for me? Didn’t you know I was supposed to face my studies when you professed your stupid love to me? It’s a pity I fell for a useless man like you. I used to think you are responsible, you are simply a good-for-nothing man

Teacher Emeka: (lost his temper and slapped Uloma so hard) I would beat you up if you don’t stop your ranting

Uloma: (with tears dropping from her face) Do you know what I want so much? I want you to beat me and then kill the child in me, I want the death of this baby to be on you. You know what, I hate the fact that I am pregnant for a nonentity like you, the only thing you are good at is deceiving young and naive girls. Foolish man, beat me up, foolish son of a foolish mother

Immediately Teacher Emeka heard Uloma refer to his mother as being foolish, he pounced on her, and beat her till she passed out then, he walked out of the house not minding if she was dead or alive.

To be continued.

Wait ooooh, is this love? If yes, what color is this kind of love?

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