Shackles of my husband episode 13

SHACKLES OF MY HUSBAND by Olowojesiku Deborah Iyanu

Episode 13

It was a bright morning, Uloma woke up and went to the window side to receive fresh air. While at that spot, she looked out and something caught her attention. Still lost in looking outside, she felt a hand on her waist, it was that of her newly wedded husband. She smiled and allowed him to place a kiss on her cheek. They had been married for a week and it had been an awesome journey, what she shared with Dr. Kings was truly different from what she shared with Teacher Emeka.

She looked at her husband’s face and bless the day she agreed to do life with him. He treated her with so much love and care, the respect he showed her was something she just couldn’t explain and that made her love him more. How Dr. Kings adores Uloma made her regret falling cheaply for Teacher Emeka.

After agreeing to marry him, Dr. Kings didn’t waste time, he went to her people and paid her bride price and since Teacher Emeka was dead, there was no hindrance. Just as Uloma wanted, the wedding ceremony was done in the village and it was a memorable ceremony after which they traveled to Dubai to have their honeymoon.

Uloma’s joy was filled the day she received a call from Dr. King’s only daughter. The young girl pleaded with Uloma to take good care of her father, Uloma later met with Princess and they bonded in no time. Uloma then promised to be the mother the young girl never had.

Dr. Kings was attending to a patient when a call came into his phone, he picked up and realized it was his friend who happens to be Uloma’s boss.

Dr. Pat: Good day Kings, how are you doing? Please, I need you to come over as soon as possible

Dr. Kings: Calm down dude, what’s the problem? Is my wife doing fine?

Dr. Pat: she slumped this morning while attending to a patient.

Dr. Kings: Slumped?? How? Hope is being cared for?

Dr. Pat: Trust me, she has been stabilized but I need to break a news to you, just come over and let’s talk as friends, it’s good news though.

Dr. Kings handed all he was doing to a junior colleague and then drove to the government hospital where his wife works. On getting to Dr. Pat’s office, he requested to see his wife.

Dr. Pat: calm down joor, you should know that she is in good hands, I attended to her myself because I don’t want to get into your black book. Mehn! You love this girl so much even more than you ever loved your late wife.

Dr. Kings: how is she doing, please?

Dr. Pat: I know you na. Alright, congratulations my friend, you scored a goal.

Dr. Kings: you mean my wife is carrying my child?

Dr. Pat: abeg no ask me jamb question jare but the thing is that she is very stressed. I can attest to the fact that our work had been tedious lately so, I guess it kind of affected her. We would be giving her two weeks of sick leave, please, do ensure she gets the needed rest.

Dr. Kings: oh my! You are my G, I appreciate this. Thank you very much

Dr. Pat: you have been an awesome friend so, one good turn deserves another.

Uloma couldn’t stop singing praises to God when she received the news of her pregnancy, she was happy that she would be giving Dr. Kings a child. Her children shared in her joy, they were happy their mother was happy and satisfied

After nine months, Uloma delivered a baby boy, as the baby was placed in her arms, she couldn’t stop shedding tears. Who could have thought her life would still make sense? Who could have thought she would still enjoy marital bliss? Dr. King’s who understood her tears handed the baby to his mother-in-law and drew his wife into a warm embrace promising her a beautiful life despite her past.

Dr. Kings: You don’t have to cry honey, I am assuring you that you will always enjoy life

Uloma: Babe, thank you for everything. I love you.

Dr. Kings: you know, I love you more. You are my heartbeat.

Uloma: aww, I will always make you happy, this I will do with everything in me.


There is no life that Christ can’t repair,

No life can’t receive happiness despite the horrible past.

You just need to give your all to God.

Thanks for reading, I hope you learnt something!

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