Shackles of my husband episode 11

SHACKLES OF MY HUSBAND by Olowojesiku Deborah Iyanu

Episode 11

Uloma couldn’t stop pacing her room, Teacher Emeka’s death came as a shock to her, though he did so much evil to her, she never wished him dead. She had wanted him to be alive and see her succeed, she wanted to watch him crawl before her for forgiveness. Uloma brought out the three letters Mama Ada handed over to her and opened the one addressed to her and read through.


By the time this letter gets to you, I would have gone to the great beyond. I must make amends for every of my evil deed so that my soul can rest in peace.

Uloma, I never had plans to use and dump you, I truly fell in love with you but then, I allowed my selfish sexual desire to get into me. I understand that you were a naive young girl, I shouldn’t have taken advantage of you.

I had no plan to impregnate you, I just wanted us to have fun but then, I should have been a good father and husband when you got pregnant. Uloma, I wished I could turn back the hands of time but then, it’s too late for me, I feel my soul departing from this world.

Please, tell my children to forgive me for not being part of their lives. My mother said our son looked so much like me, please, tell him not to tread the path I trod. Tell my beautiful Amara not to fall cheaply. Uloma, I am entrusting our children in your care, please, train them in the way of the Lord.

Uloma, I am sorry for everything, I am sorry for destroying your beautiful future, I am sorry for leading you astray, I am sorry for the sexual molestation, I am sorry for hurting you, I am sorry for hitting you, I am sorry for being cruel. I wish sorry can erase all I ever did but please, find a place in your heart to forgive me. Please, don’t mourn me, I pray God to bless you with a good man who would love and cherish you.


Uloma fell on the floor and wept bitterly, Emeka’s letter reminded her of the cruelty she experienced in his house. Torture, beating, rape, starvation, and many more. Obinna and Amara were woken up by their mother’s screaming and weeping, they ran to her room to see what was happening only to see her sitting on the floor weeping profusely with a letter in her hands.

A terrified Amara collected the letter and read it through after which she passed it to Obinna and Daniel. Their mother once told them the hurt she experienced in their father’s hand but the letter revealed how terrible their mother was treated. Amara sat beside her mother and began to speak soothing words to her. Obinna and Daniel comforted Uloma admonishing her to let go of the past.

Amara got married and it was a beautiful moment, Uloma was proud of herself, and she was grateful her children didn’t repeat her mistake. Mama Ada who was present couldn’t stop shedding tears, she wished her son was alive to see his first daughter get married and to think she was his carbon copy. Amara and Daniel exchanged their marital vows and were then pronounced husband and wife. Uloma’s joy would have been filled to the brim if her parent had been at the event but then, she wanted to go back to them with her Bachelor’s and Masters’s degrees.

During the reception, Uloma noticed Obinna and a young lady going everywhere and doing things together. After the ceremony, Uloma walked up to her son to tease him.

Uloma: when are going to introduce her to me?

Obinna: who mom?

Uloma: come of it son, I see how you look and smile at her. Tell me, what do you feel for her?

Obinna: Mom?? She is just a friend

Uloma: Tell that to your father’s people and not me. Start talking son perhaps she is the one that has kept you glued to your phone these days

Obinna: Mom?? Don’t tell me you have been spying on me

Uloma: I knew you had fallen in love, I just decided to let yiu speak out when you deem it fit.

Obinna: Yes mom, I love her but we are still friends. I wish to take things to the next level soon but for now, I want to know the kind of person she is.

Uloma: People can be pretentious you know, so, ask God to reveal her personality to you

Obinna: Deep one!!! Mom, how are you and Dr. Kings? Will you give him a chance?

Uloma: See, I am happy being alone

Obinna: no, you are not, mom. You are a good person and you deserve to be loved. The fact that you fell into Dad’s wrong hands doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be happy again. I remember his last wish is for you to be with a good man and I know Dr. Kings to be a good man.

Uloma: Son, preparation for your sister’s wedding was stressful, I need to get some rest now. We would talk later

Obinna: Alright mom, while resting, don’t forget to think about Dr. Kings, I am certain his handsome face won’t stop popping up in your head.

Uloma: you are not serious.

Obinna: I love you, mom.

To be continued.

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