Shackles of my husband

SHACKLES OF MY HUSBAND by Olowojesiku Deborah Iyanu

Episode 1

As I walk to the podium to receive the certificate of my doctorate degree from Harvard University and also the award for being the best student, tears couldn’t stop falling from my eyes. At last, I was able to bag a doctorate degree as and I am now a Ph.D. holder at the age of forty-five. I watch my children smile happily as they accompany me to the stage to receive my certificate and award.

Ohh pardon my manners, let me introduce myself to you. I am Uloma Ejidike but my friends call me Ulo or Oma for short and I have a story to share, a heart-touching one that might probably bring tears to your face but please, you don’t have to weep because of me, I am now a successful woman but then, I wasn’t successful with love. So, follow me down memory lane but don’t forget to pick your lessons.

I got married at sixteen or should I say I fell in love at sixteen, a mistake that changed the course of my life forever. I was in SS2 when I met Teacher Emeka, he came into our village after being employed as our mathematics teacher, he hails from the neighboring village.

Being the most brilliant girl in my class, I was appointed to be the class captain hence, I was in charge of submitting assignments and reminding our teachers that it was time for them to teach us. Teacher Emeka was the youngest of all our teachers and his jovial attitude made him the favorite of every student. There was never a dull moment during his classes hence, this helped a lot of students excel in mathematics. I took a liking to him but not to the point of wanting to be his woman.

After his period one afternoon, I took our classwork to him for marking but then he sat me down and began to profess love to me. Being shocked was an understatement of what I felt at that moment, dating Teacher Emeka was the last thing I ever imagined but then, he sweet-talked me into going into a relationship with him.

Ohh! Teacher Emeka was so sweet, he practically swept me off my feet that I just had to give in to him. He showed me what love was, he bought me things I never imagined I could ever have. My mathematics score skyrocketed which made my father so pleased with me.

From the inception of our relationship, he promised to wait till we get married before we become sexually intimate and I agree that was super cool because my dad had warned all his daughters to avoid intimate relationships with the opposite gender.

I dreamt of becoming a medical doctor and Teacher Emeka promised to help me achieve that which further increase the love I have for him. Then, something happened, it was his birthday and he needed me to give him a huge birthday gift. What do you think it was?

To be continued.

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