Shackles of my husband episode 9

SHACKLES OF MY HUSBAND by Olowojesiku Deborah Iyanu

Episode 9

Uloma’s children grew rapidly and God helped her inculcate morals into them. She joined a Bible-believing Church and consecrated her life to God. Uloma took her job and training seriously and in no time, she graduated, her diligence made earned her a job in the maternity. The senior nurse advised that she can still pursue her dream of becoming a medical doctor even after two kids and that she had in mind. Uloma was able to secure an apartment and there she lived with her children though, she still does a part-time job for the rich woman.

Amara grew into a beautiful young lady and even though she had Teacher Emeka’s face, Uloma could see herself in Amara. She made sure she had a great relationship with her children whereby they were able to open up to her when they needed someone to talk to. When her children entered puberty, she made sure she was always available despite her busy schedule. She would always tease and ask them if they had feelings for any boy or girl just to know how to put them through.

Amarachi graduated from secondary school with a good grade and that same year, she got admission into the university to study Psychology. Ohh! Uloma’s joy was unexplainable the day Amara received a mail that she had been admitted. She sat on the floor and wept for joy, the fact that her children were achieving what she couldn’t bring tears of joy to her face.

When the children became wise and mature, they began to bombard their mother with questions about their father but she kept telling them that they were not mature enough to hear the tale of their father. A night before Amara was to leave for school, Uloma woke up her children at midnight and then told them everything they need to know about their father, the tears she shed while telling them the story showed that she was still deeply hurt and it will take only God to work on her heart.

After telling them all they needed to know, Amara and Obinna embraced their mother and promised never to disappoint her. Uloma made them kneel and make a promise to God that they would never engage in sex till they get married, she made Obinna promise God never to deceive and hurt any girl. After their prayer, Uloma encouraged her children to confide in her once they fall in love, she was ready to ensure they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Obinna asked if they could get the opportunity to meet with their father and see what he looks like and Uloma promised that it won’t be a problem but then, they had to ensure they become something meaningful before going over to see him.

Two years later, Obinna got admission into his sister’s school to study Petrochemical Engineering. Amara was in 300l when she called her mother, she was weeping profusely while making the call. At first, Uloma thought something terrible had happened to her daughter.

Uloma: what happened Amara? Talk to me and stop crying, please.

Amara: Mum, I don’t know what is happening to me again, I don’t know what to do, I try to control my heart, I try not to think about him but it’s not working

Uloma: calm down babe, who is this person you are talking about?

Amara: His name is Daniel, he is a 400l Accounting student who is madly in love with me and I found myself reciprocating the love. Mum, I don’t want to make the mistake you made.

Uloma: it’s okay dear, you need to understand that there are still good men, I just fell for the wrong one. Let’s do this, invite him over, tell him to come to see me if he truly loves you.

Amara: Mum! Are you sure about this?

Uloma: Let him come.

Amara: Awwn, thank you, Mum, you are simply the best mother in the world

Uloma: Awwn, that’s so sweet daughter. Guess what??

Amara: what mom?? Wait! Don’t tell me you gave Dr. Kings a yes

Uloma: You are the one in love, not me, okay?

Amara: Come on, Mum, Dr. Kings loves you and I can see that for myself, please, give love another chance, you are still a young mom.

Uloma: enough of that talk abeg, the good news is that I just got admission to study Medicine just like I have always wanted

Amara: wow! My mother is a goal-getter, congratulations to the best mother in the world. This calls for celebration, I am going to inform Obinna right away and we are coming home this weekend to celebrate this. Awwwn, congratulations once again mother.

Uloma: thank you, my daughter. Please, stay safe and say well to Daniel.

Amara: Mom!!!

Uloma: Daughter! Bye joor

Uloma couldn’t sleep that night, she kept staring at her admission letter and couldn’t stop crying, she was finally on the path of destiny fulfillment despite all the events of the past.

To be continued

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