Shackles of my husband episode 12

SHACKLES FOR MY HUSBAND by Olowojesiku Deborah

Episode 12

Uloma got her first degree after a couple of years in a medical school and then proceeded to acquire her Master’s degree. When she decided to go for her Ph.D, her children were so surprised. Her quest for education propelled her children into studying more. Obinna was preparing for his wedding when his mother graduated from Harvard University where she had her Ph.D.

Just as advised, Obinna had asked God to open his eyes to who Onyinye truly was, the girl he fell in love with during his university days and It was revealed to him that she was a pretender but he ignore that revelation and went into a relationship with her only for her break his heart by sleeping with his roommate just because he told her no s*x till marriage.

Obinna was heartbroken but then, he had to move on with his life. He met Cynthia during his Youth Service. He actually fell in love with one of his students in the secondary school where he was posted but unlike his father, he waited for her to graduate from the University before proposing marriage to her.

After Uloma graduated from Harvard, She invited her children and grandchildren over, and together, they went to Uloma’s village. On getting to her parent’s compound, they met Uloma’s mother frying garri while her father was relaxing on a chair. Surprisingly, no one recognized her, she had to introduce herself and every one with her.

Immediately Uloma’s mother realized her first child and daughter was back, she threw what she was holding away and ran to embrace her daughter. Uloma’s father burst into tears the moment he got to know Uloma was the one standing before him, he had searched all over for her but he didn’t have found her. When he finally located Teacher Emeka’s house, he was told that Uloma absconded. Uloma’s father wept bitterly praying that God’s guidance be upon her.

Uloma wept in her parent’s arms as she missed them so much. Surprisingly, she bore no grudge toward them. She introduced her children, in-law, and two grandchildren to her parent and then showed her father all her certificates. Uloma’s father was so happy to see that his daughter did so well for herself. He made her kneel before him and showers his blessing upon her.

Uloma’s father killed his biggest goat to celebrate his daughter’s return, he invited her sisters and their families to come to join him in the celebration. Uloma’s younger sisters were happy to see their elder sister after years. They had so much to discuss, it was such a beautiful moment.

Life became meaningful for Uloma, she became satisfied and happy after being employed as a doctor in one of the government hospitals courtesy of Dr. Kings.

Uloma was in her office one afternoon when Dr. Kings walked in. Dr. Kings was a senior doctor in another government hospital who had met Uloma in the maternity where she learned auxiliary nursing the day he came to visit his aunt who was the owner of the maternity.

The moment he set his eyes on her, he felt a deep connection with her but he had to put his feelings on hold as he had just lost his wife to childbirth, and going into a relationship six months after his wife’s death would stir some reactions.

He spoke to Uloma about being interested in her a year after meeting her but she rejected him without a second thought. He kept wondering why she would reject a good man like him but the day she opened up her past to him, he understood her perfectly and then promised to wait till she was ready to love again. While waiting, he became friends with her children and became family with them.

As Dr. Kings walked in, Uloma’s heart raced, she knew she had fallen in love with him but she was being careful in order not to fall into the wrong hands but just as her children had been advising, she was ready to give love another chance.

Dr. Kings: Hello beautiful!

Uloma: (rolled her eyes playfully) come on

Dr. Kings: Are you not beautiful? Seriously, one would think you’ve never given birth

Uloma: You and your sugar-coated tongue. Tell me, what do I offer you?

Dr. Kings: just water because your beautiful look has quenched my hunger. But Uloma, it’s almost eight years of chasing you, when will you give us a chance? I understood you wanted to fulfill your dreams then and now that you have, what are you still waiting for?

Uloma: (smiles sheepishly) Thank you for proving to be a good man, thank you for being a great support system. I am ready to be your wife.

Dr. Kings: Wait! Wait! Wait! Repeat what you just said

Uloma: I love you, Dr. Kings.

To be continued

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