Shackles of my husband episode 4

SHACKLES OF MY HUSBAND by Olowojesiku Deborah Iyanu

Episode 4

The following morning, Mama Ada woke me up with a splash of water, I was dazed but then, I couldn’t react because I remembered I was no longer in my parent’s house and here in Teacher Emeka’s house, no one will defend me. When she saw that I was fully awake, she mandated me wash my face and follow her to the farm since it was their planting season. I had goosebumps all over me the moment I heard that I would be following her to the farm. If there is one thing I hated so much, it was doing farm work and even though my Dad had a farm, I hardly go there.

I explained to Mama Ada that I couldn’t do farm work not even in my condition but before I could finish my statement, a hot slap dropped on my cheek. Ohh, for once, I wished I could go back home, I wished I had been careful in my escapades with Teacher Emeka. I got angry and spoke angrily at Mama Ada for laying hands on me. Guess what she did! She burst into tears waking up her husband and son and when they came to meet us, she lied to them that I slapped her. I tried to defend myself but no one listened to me.

Teacher Emeka went into his room and returned with a horsewhip which he used on me. He didn’t stop until he ensured there were marks on my body, I pleaded and pleaded with him but he paid deaf ears to my plea, it was as if he was pouring out his stored anger on me. Mama Ada stayed in a corner of the room urging her son to give me more whips.

Teacher Emeka got tired and let me be then, I took a cloth and ran out of the house, I was determined to go back to my parent’s place. I was ready to suffer in my parent’s hands but when I got there, my dad brought out a cutlass with which he threatened to cut off my head with. I pleaded with my mom to talk to my dad but her hands were tied, she advised me to go back to my husband’s house and endure whatever they do to me. My younger sisters stood at the corner of the house weeping and wishing they could help me.

I walked back to Teacher Emeka’s house dejectedly, when I walked into the house, he warned me never to try running to my parent’s house else he would cut off my head. That statement unsettled me, I began to ask myself if he ever loved me.

For once, I realized I never understood what love meant, I realized that I had just been blown away by Teacher Emeka’s sweet words. I wished I could turn back the hands of time but it was too late, I had to bear the consequences of my action.

That was how I became a slave in Teacher Emeka’s house counting days, weeks, and months hoping and praying that my nine months be completed soon so that I can deliver the baby and go back to my parent’s place.

To be continued.

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