Shackles of my husband episode 2

SHACKLES OF MY HUSBAND by Olowojesiku Deborah IyanuOluwa

Episode 2

Teacher Emeka was going to be twenty-six in two months and he made me understand that a lot of people would be giving him numerous gifts but mine must supercede theirs.

A month before his birthday, I went to the boutique in our village where I purchased a very beautiful polo, a jean, and a white canvas to match. I spent a fortune but I didn’t bother since I wanted my gift to supersede whatever they would be giving my boyfriend. I had them all wrapped in fancy nylon ready for delivery.

Teacher Emeka’s birthday came and after school, I went to his apartment in the school quarters to deliver the gift to him. Of course, I had been going there and it had always been under the guise of going to submit assignments to him. This particular day, a female teacher saw me going in the direction of the male quarters and stopped me, she tried to know my reasons for going there and I made her realize that I wanted to submit assignments to Teacher Emeka. She looked at me with disbelief written all over her face and warned me to be very careful, she even ordered me to submit the books and leave immediately. Ohhh, how I wished I had listened.

I heaved a sigh of relief when she finally let me go and when I got to Teacher Emeka’s apartment, I explained the incident to him then, I brought out the birthday gift I had bought for him. He was happy I got something that beautiful for him but he made me realize that he wanted more and when I inquired what he wanted, he came closer to me and placed his lips on my Virgin lips, an action that sent a signal to every part of my body, something I have never experienced before. He repeated the action and I got carried away, I knew what we were both doing could land us into trouble and I wanted us to stop but this other part of me wanted us to continue.

The act of kissing became intense and a part of me was reminding me of my father’s warning but another part of me told me to continue and see where all this would end. When Teacher Emeka saw that there were no restrictions whatsoever from me, he continued and then, his hands went around my virgin body. For a moment, I was lost in a world of ecstasy and I never wanted this feeling to come to an end. I was brought back to my senses when I felt a piercing in between my thighs. Jezz, I had lost my virginity to Teacher Emeka at the age of sixteen.

When Teacher Emeka was done thrusting in and out of me, I lay on his bed crying not because I didn’t enjoy every bit of it but because I was afraid of becoming pregnant. First, my dad would skin my life and second, my dream of becoming a medical doctor would be thwarted. Like he knew what was going on in my mind, Teacher Emeka assured me that I won’t become pregnant because he used protection, it was as if iced water was poured on my troubled soul.

He then carried me sweetly into his bathroom and bath me thoroughly then gave me some pills to help ease the pain in between my thighs. Ohh, I felt loved and cherished. I began to feel like getting married to him but my dad would never let that happen as he had sworn that all his children will get quality education.

After that day, I began to have this great urge for s*x, I would visit Teacher Emeka after school just to have my sexual appetite satisfied, and that he did. I began to grow in size but my parent felt it was a result of eating too much and probably pubertal changes.

When the school vacated, I told my dad that my mathematics teacher would be taking me extra classes to help boost my mathematics score in Jamb since I needed a high score in both Jamb and post-jamb to be able to study Medicine at the University. My dad who was delighted approved my going to his apartment for mathematics lessons, only if he knew we never opened any mathematics textbook, only if he knew that the tutorial was happening on my body.

To be continued.

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