My Sister’s husband episode 7 &8

My Sister’s Husband
Episode 7
written by chichi Tonia

No! not at all because I know that children will come at the right time, like I told you before that my job have changed, we are now working on weekends, we don’t have off days again please try to understand me. “bright said

All of a sudden your job is now working weekends, they did not work on weekends for the past four years that we got married is now they remembered to work on weekends, let it be the truth you are telling me .”Cynthia exclaimed because she wasn’t satisfied with his answer
Honey believe me that is the truth, you know I can never cheat on you. “bright said and after that they both went to their room. As time go on bright started living with Nancy, he no longer go home to be with his wife anymore, even if he want to go home to see his wife it will be once in two weeks or a month and this bothered Cynthia alot.
One afternoon, Janet went to visit Nancy, on getting there she saw bright and Nancy in a happy mood.
Hmm….. this one two of you are happy like this, am I missing something? Janet asked smiling immediately she entered the house
not really, anyway let me excuse you ladies. “bright said and then went inside the room, while Nancy and Janet sat tight into a discussion
“hmm…. big lady, you are really enjoying with your lover, look at how the both of you are happy, two love birds. “Janet playfully said and Nancy laughed
you don’t want us to be happy again, we love ourselves that is why we are happy. “Nancy said smiling

Am really happy for you my friend, the both of you fit as a couples, honestly speaking you are really lucky to have somebody like bright who love and cherish you, but wait ooo let me ask, I thought bright normally come on Fridays to stay with you on Mondays he go back to his wife, and today is Wednesday does it mean he now come Wednesday as well? abeg gist me wetin dey happen .”Janet said

Ah…. my dear, there is a lot of gist, where will I start from telling you…….
Start from anywhere am all ears. “Janet said waiting patiently for Nancy to gist her the latest
well! the truth of the matter is that my bright is now living with me and I give him any style he wants…. as she was still talking Janet interrupted her
wait.. wait…. give me five first you too much .”Janet said and then Nancy check her they both laughed and then she continue talking

eh…eh… as I was saying before, am giving him any style he wants, I really love bright so much and he loves me too, very soon he will get marry to me, as am talking to you right now am four weeks pregnant for him. “Nancy happily said
wow!! smart girl, but is he aware of the pregnancy? Janet asked
why not he is aware, that was why you saw us happy when you came, and he even told me that I will deliver my child in abroad .”Nancy said
Am happy for you Nancy, but you have to be careful so that your sister will not find out that you are having an affair with her husband or not to talk of she finding out that you are pregnant for him. “Janet warned

see Janet, am not afraid of my sister anymore, even if she finds out that am pregnant for her husband she have to accept it because am not the one that tell her to be barren and besides she can’t do anything to me, bright is now mine she can go to hell for all I care. “Nancy said
My Sister’s Husband
Episode 8

Now you are talking, not like that before when you will be saying, no you don’t want to betray your sister’s trust that she have done so much for you that you don’t want to hurt her by dating her husband. if not for me that told you to date bright, will you be enjoying all this good things bright is giving you now? look at you now living a big life all thanks to me, anyway am really happy for you how I wish I have somebody like bright who will be giving me what I want and also shower me with goodies, not that my hungry fiance who calls himself Victor who cannot even afford a car for me. “Janet said frowning and Nancy laughed

just take it easy with him, so how is he doing now? Nancy asked
well he is fine, he said that he will be coming with his people next month to pay my bride price and still that same day we will do our traditional marriage, do I have a choice am just managing Victor because he is too low to my standard, anyway since he is coming with his people, am waiting shaaa.. “Janet said
wow!! this is a good news, so which means you will be traveling? Nancy asked smiling

yes nah… I will be traveling next month and like wise you because you will be among my ashebi. “Janet said
No problem what are friends for, but honestly am really happy for you, so finally you will be getting married to Victor next month? Nancy said excitedly
yes ooo… my dear am getting married next month, but with a hungry man .”Janet mockingly said
whether is a hungry man or not, you are getting married that is what matters most, you should be happy about it, anyway congratulation in advance .”Nancy playfully said and they both laughed
One month later, it was time for Janet to get married, they cooked all kinds of food and set canopy and chairs for people who will come for the marriage ceremony.
My daughter am very proud of you that you will be getting married today. “mama Janet said to her daughter who was busy dressing up for her marriage
Thank you mama, am very happy too that am getting married today, but I don’t know what is still keeping Victor and his people from coming, please they should come fast. “Janet said as she continue doing what she was doing
Don’t worry my child, they will soon come okay? her mother said and then went outside. After 1hr time Janet was inside with some of her ashebi, even Nancy was also there because she came for her friend’s traditional marriage.

As they were all inside Janet was very worried because Victor and his people have not come yet and this began to trouble her.
please take it easy, Victor and his people will soon come, just give them some time. “Nancy said in a concerned tone

I will not take it easy, look at the time, and still Victor and his people have not yet come, he supposed to pay my bride price around 1pm, while our traditional marriage starts around 2:30pm, now is almost 1:30 and yet he and his people have not yet come, I hope is not what am thinking. “Janet worriedly said

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