My Sister’s husband episode 14

My sister’s husband
Episode 14
The next day, Janet went to Nancy’s house to see her because ever since the marriage incident, she have not been hearing from Nancy, so she decided to pay her a visit to know if all is well.
“Ah…. Janet longest time. “Nancy said immediately Janet entered her house
I should be the one telling you that, since you no longer ask of me, so I decided to come to know if all is well. “Janet said when she was seated

my dear! am sorry that I have not been calling you, just that I was very busy, anyway what should I offer you ? Nancy asked
don’t bother yourself, just get me only water. “Janet requested and Nancy went and get her the water
“This one I did not see bright, have he gone back to his wife? Janet asked
nooooo…. he went to work, why will he go back to his wife when am pregnant for him and besides we love each other so much, he can not leave me just like that. “Nancy exclaimed

“ever since my marriage was turned down, I promise myself that I will change from my ways, I know is because of my bad attitude and pride that made Victor not to marry me which I have learned my lesson, I will advise you let go off your sister’s husband bright, so that he can go back to his wife because if she finds out that her husband is cheating on her with her blood sister she will be very hurt, there is no gain in taking people’s husband rather we pray to God to give us our own man. “Janet advised
that one you are talking is story, look at who is talking, were you not the same person that told me to date bright, now that I have fallen in love with him you are telling me to let go off him, so what will happen to my pregnancy if I let go off him? Nancy asked

just tell your sister the truth about it, she will feel betrayed and hurt that moment but later she will forgive you. “Janet said and this got Nancy pissed off
“That one you are talking is rubbish, that your marriage with Victor didn’t work out, so you want to use it to disturb my own? now let me made it clear to you, as far as am concerned bright is now my man, I will not let go off him because I love him and he love me too, I don’t care how my sister feel, she can go to hell for all I care, I think you have over stayed your welcome here, just go because you have provoked me with your statement. “Nancy angrily said
“Ah…. are you sending me out from your house? remember am still your friend ooo. “Janet said surprisely

friend my foot, anybody that is against my progress can never be my friend, so leave my house. “Nancy yelled
ok I will leave, but wait let me drink the water that you gave me. “Janet said and then took the water but before she could drink it Nancy forcefully take the water from her
don’t drink my water, just go .”Nancy said
but is the water that you give me, why taking it from me? Janet asked
yes I gave you the water and am taking it back, leave my house right now. “Nancy said raising her voice while Janet shake her head and after that she leave the house.

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