My Sister’s husband episode 9&10

My Sister’s Husband
Episode 9
Don’t think negative, they will come maybe traffic is delaying them. “Nancy said while calming her down, not too long Janet father came inside.
what is happening? why haven’t your husband to be and his people come yet? Janet’s father asked

papa! I don’t really know what is delaying them, I have even try calling Victor’s number but he wasn’t picking his call. “Janet replied in a worried tone
continue trying his number because people are waiting for them, everything is set remaining for them to come, even our kinsmen are also waiting for them .”Janet father said
don’t worry sir they will come, let’s just give them some time. “Nancy said
look at the time is almost 2:30 and yet they haven’t come, I just hope that they come because if the marriage did not hold it will be a very big shame to my family. “Janet father said

don’t worry sir they will come. ” Nancy assured him
I just hope so..”Janet father angrily said and then went outside
what will I do if Victor and his people fail to come? I know that my enemies will laugh at me, I can’t bear this shame if this happens. “Janet said almost in tears
you don’t have to cry, I believe that is the traffic delaying them, why not call him again to know if he will pick his call. “Nancy said and then Janet called Victor again but he wasn’t picking his call, after some moment she called his number again and this time he finally pick it.

“Hello! Victor what is delaying you and your people from coming, we have been waiting for you, please hurry up and come with your people time is going. “Janet said Immediately Victor picked the call
sorry Janet I have changed my mind about you, I have come to think of it that you are not a wife material, getting married to you will send me to my early grave, I need a woman who is mature in thinking and also I want a woman who will love me for who I am and not what iam, Janet I really love you, just that I have to do what is best for me. “Victor explained over the phone
please Victor, don’t do this to me, I promise I will change from my ways .”Janet said in tears
am sorry is too late for that, you remember when I was begging you to change, all you do is to insult me by calling me a hungry and a wretched man and you also told me that you are managing me, I want a woman that will love and not the one that will manage me. “Victor said and before Janet could say anything further, the call went dead and Janet fell on the ground crying
My sister’s husband
Episode 10
what did Victor said? Nancy asked
he said that am not a wife material, he cannot marry me, I should have listened to him then when he was telling me to change from my attitude, now people will start laughing at me and also my parents will not be happy with me from the embarrassment I brought to the family, where will I start from telling my parents that Victor and his people are no more coming? why the day of my happiness turn into disappointment, why? why?? Janet cried
please take it easy on yourself, but why will Victor behave like this? Nancy said while Janet was still crying and regretting her bad attitude towards Victor.
After that day, Janet parents were not happy with her because the marriage did not hold again, they were very disappointed in her but as time goes on they get used to it.
Meanwhile bright was in his room when his phone began to rang, and it was Nancy calling, at that time his wife was in the sitting room cleaning the floor. As bright phone was ringing he came out from his room to check if his wife was around his room but she wasn’t, so he went inside and pick his call
“hello my love, how are you doing? Nancy asked

Am not fine, why are you not picking my calls? I called you up to three times last night but you weren’t picking my call. “bright said in a low tone so that his wife will not hear him
am sorry my love, I slept off last night it was this morning that I saw your missed call and decided to call, please don’t be angry with your love. “Nancy romantically apologize

it’s alright, you know how much that I love you and am missing you so much, when are you coming back? bright asked
Aww… I really miss you too baby, but don’t worry I will come back in three days time, my friend’s marriage did not hold again and I can’t just leave her like that for the condition she is going through .” Nancy said over the phone
OMG!! you mean that Janet marriage did not hold again? he asked surprisedly
“yes, the marriage did not hold, her fiance turned her down. “Nancy replied
hmm…. this is so bad, she must be very hurt and heartbroken, anyway please try and come back in the next three days as you said because am really missing you.

“as bright was still talking on the phone, Cynthia was coming towards the room, when she heard him said missing you, she stopped at the door to eavedrop on what her husband was saying, but at that time bright have ended the call
So my husband is cheating on me, I heard him said missing you which means he was speaking with a woman over the phone, I need to confront him. “Cynthia thought to herself and after that she opened the door and went inside the room, when bright saw her he was shocked because he thought that she must have heard his conversation on the phone.

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