My Sister’s husband episode 19&20

My sister’s husband
Episode 19 & 20
written by chichi Tonia

After Cynthia had found out about bright and Nancy having an affair, they do as if nothing happened as they continue with their relationship, bright never bother to go home to apologise to his wife or to make peace with her, rather he wish for him and Cynthia to get divorce so that he could get marry to Nancy.

I pray for my sister to go and see the lawyer for divorce like she said the other time, because I want to be the only woman in your life .”Nancy said
I wish so too, because I can’t wait for we to get married, even at that we can still get married whether I divorce Cynthia or not I will still get married to you. “bright said and Nancy frowned her face
“nooooo….. you must divorce her because I don’t want to be a second wife or don’t you want to divorce her again? Nancy asked still frowning her face
why not, I will divorce her. “bright responded
Cynthia went to visit her friend Stephanie, on getting there she saw her with another lady who seems to be her friend and they all exchanged greetings.
Ah….. Cynthia what happened? you look pale, are you okay? Stephanie asked
Am ok…. “Cynthia lied
no no no, you don’t look okay at all, anyway meet my friend Pamela, and you Pamela this is Cynthia my friend. “Stephanie introduced and both ladies wave themselves after that Cynthia sat down with them
Cynthia!! tell me the truth, what exactly is the problem because you don’t look okay? Stephanie asked again, at first Cynthia don’t want to tell her the truth because of Pamela who was there, but later she decided to open up every thing to Stephanie.

“My dear! that is what am going through, I never believe that my own blood sister could do this to me after all I have done for her. “Cynthia said after she had finished explaining to Stephanie everything
hmm…. this world is full of wicked people trust no one, so you mean that your sister was the lady I saw with your husband coming out from the boutique? and she is even pregnant for him? Stephanie asked in disbelief
yes my dear that is it ooo .”Cynthia said

“that your sister is ungrateful, if I were the one I would have teach her the lesson of her life so next time she will not go close to people’s husband .”Pamela chipped in
that your husband is very shameless, how can he have an affair with her sister in-law. “Stephanie said
The worst part is that he never bother to come home to apologise for cheating on me with my sister, instead he still continue his affair with her. “Cynthia said
my dear I will advise you divorce that man, he is not worthy to be your husband .”Pamela advised

“To divorce him is not the best option, don’t you know that if you divorce him he will quickly get marry to your sister now that she is pregnant for him, how are you sure is not waiting for you to ask for divorce so that he could be with your sister, don’t give him that space, all I will say is that you should leave everything for God, and don’t bother to call bright, with time he will come back to his senses “Stephanie also advised her

“ok, I have heard what you said. ” Cynthia said and after that she stayed for some hours with them before she left.
Episode 20

One Saturday afternoon, bright and Nancy were dressing up to go to one of bright’s friend wedding reception.
please dear, be fast we are running late, I can’t afford to miss the wedding reception, you know you women like wasting time in dressing up. “bright said to Nancy after he had finished dressing.

Am almost through my love, so where do you say that they are doing the wedding reception? Nancy asked while still dressing up
is at bexozy hotel that they are doing the wedding reception. “bright replied
“wow” bexozy hotel? is quite a big and expensive hotel, I can’t wait for we to have our own wedding reception there too. “Nancy said
please be fast let’s go, you know that place is a bit far, we need to hurry up so that we can meet up. “bright said and not too long Nancy finished dressing and making up, After that they both left the house with their car.
On their way driving bright put the car on speed because they were running late. As bright keep on driving the car, Nancy was not comfortable with his driving.
“Please dear take it easy in driving, reduce the speed of the car am not comfortable with it. “Nancy said
Don’t worry I know what am driving just that we are running late, so don’t panic .” bright said and continue driving in full speed but still Nancy wasn’t comfortable
OMG!! this is getting out of hand, please reduce the speed of the car. “Nancy said with fear, so bright decided to reduce the speed, he try to control the brake of the car but unfortunately the brake couldn’t be controlled as it became stiff.

This can’t be happening .”bright said
what is happening? please control the speed of the car. “Nancy said with her heart beating fast
“The brake is stiff, I can’t control it, we are in trouble. “bright said sweating and also trying all he could to control the car but to no avail, before they knew it the car started going on a wrong direction, when Nancy saw this her heart skipped and also she cried at the same time
please bright do something to stop this car I don’t want to die, OMG…..OMG…. the car is heading towards the bridge, bright do something, do something to stop this car….. God please save us…. nooooo……..”And Their car fell from the bridge.
chai!! what a pity 😭😭

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