My Sister’s husband episode 12&13

My sister’s husband
Episode 12 & 13

No I don’t think that your husband is cheating on you, I know my brother in law can never try that rubbish, maybe he have been busy with his job truly, don’t worry aunty everything will soon be alright okay? Nancy said
I just hope so, anyway I will like to come to your house because is somehow that I don’t know where you are staying, what will people say that I don’t know where my kid sister is staying, even mama and papa will be angry with me if they find out that I don’t know where you are staying, they will say that I don’t care about you. “Cynthia said and Nancy sighted heavily on the phone
“don’t worry aunty, you will soon know where am stayin…… Nancy was still talking bright said something to her because he was with her that moment when Cynthia called .

“is somebody is with you ? because I heard a male voice there .”Cynthia asked
ermm…. yes aunty, am with my boyfriend. “Nancy replied
ok I see, greet him for me we will talk later. “Cynthia said and hung the call
“That male voice I heard over the phone sound familiar, but why does Nancy don’t want me to know her house? is she hidden anything from me? no I don’t think so, maybe she don’t want me to know her house yet . “Cynthia thought to herself immediately she dropped the call, but later she wave all the thought off her mind
what were you saying before? Nancy on the other hand asked bright after the call
I was telling you to drop the call. “bright replied
how can I drop the call when my sister was still talking, and besides she almost heard your voice .”Nancy said
she wouldn’t know if am the one, all she heard was a male voice, come on let’s continue what we were doing .”bright said smiling
naughty boy you love sex too much .”Nancy playfully said and then went to the bed and they continue their love making.
somedays later, bright took Nancy to boutique to buy her clothes because Nancy normally change her wardrobe every two weeks, after she finished picking the clothes that she needed, bright paid for it and they left the boutique. as they were heading towards their car which was parked outside the boutique, one of Cynthia’s Friend named Stephanie saw them because she was also going to the boutique, when she saw bright with a woman she was surprised, although she don’t really know who Nancy is but Cynthia have been telling her about her sister on phone .

Is that not Cynthia’s husband? does it mean that he is cheating on my friend with another woman? hmm…. men can not be trust worthy, all they know is to jump from one skirt to the other, even the young girls this days are after people’s husband, they will not go and look for their own man, all they do is to snatch their fellow woman’s husband, my husband cannot try such rubbish with me because if he tries it I will not take it lightly with him and his side chick, what should I do now? should I call my friend and tell her or should I trace them? no tracing them will be as if am poknosing, Cynthia is in the right position to trace her husband.
“Stephanie thought to herself and after that she took her phone from her car and called Cynthia.
Episode 13

No I will call Cynthia because tracing them will be as if am pokenosing, Cynthia is in the right position to trace her husband. “Stephanie thought to herself and after that she took her phone from her car and call Cynthia.
“hello Cynthia…….” Stephanie said as Cynthia pick the call

Ah… Stephanie! longest time, this one you remembered to call me today, ebi like say you dream about me. “Cynthia said in Pidgin and Stephanie laughed
Abi ooo …. you know that am a busy person that is why I don’t normally have chance to call or come to see you, but don’t worry I will create chance one of this days to come and see you because it has been long that we saw last, that reminds me, what of your husband? Stephanie asked

“my husband? he Is fine, just that his job is not giving him chance, he works from Monday to Sunday, he no longer have chance to come home again. “Cynthia said
you mean your husband is at work now? Stephanie asked and shake her head
yes he is at work, but why do you asked? Cynthia asked confusedly
“hmm…. some men can never change, as am talking to you right now, I saw your husband and a lady coming out from the boutique .”Stephanie said and Cynthia was confused that moment

my husband?? I don’t think is my husband that you saw because he supposed to be at work by now. “Cynthia said in disbelief
Are you trying to say that I don’t know your husband again, am telling you that I saw bright with a woman and you are saying that is not your husband that I saw, is because you are my friend that was why I called to tell you but since you are doubting me no problem is better I mind my business. “Stephanie angrily said

I’m sorry Stephanie, just that am still surprised that you saw bright with a woman, but where did you see them? did he see you ? Cynthia asked
“I saw them coming out from queensco boutique, but bright didn’t see me .”Stephanie said
so bright have been cheating on me all this while using his job to cover up, anyway thank you for the information. “Cynthia sadly said
u are welcome, but take it easy on yourself okay? Stephanie said and dropped the call
so bright have been cheating on me and all this while I thought that he have been busy with his job, it shall not be well with that lady he is cheating on me with. “Cynthia said and cried

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