My Sister’s husband episode 15&16

My sister’s husband
Episode 15 & 16
Written by chichi Tonia

One night Cynthia woke bright up in the middle of the night for a discussion because her husband infidelity is bothering her so much, she cannot bear it anymore that was why she wake him up so that they could talk.

“Honey! what is it? you know I just returned back yesterday, you suppose to allow me to sleep, even if you have anything you want to talk about, you should have at least wait till morning instead of disturbing my sleep. “bright said with a sleepy eyes
This is the opportunity I have now to talk to you because I know that tomorrow morning you will go to your so called job and will not return till after two weeks or more than that, so this is the time I need to talk to you. “Cynthia said
“Alright, so what is it that you want to discuss with me? bright asked and seated up
honestly speaking am not happy the way our marriage is turning into, you are not caring and loving the way you used to be before, for the past one year and some months you have totally change, you are not the loving husband I used to know, you will leave me all alone here and go out all in the name of your job, I will not see you again until after two weeks or one month sometimes three months before you come back which is not fair, tell me the truth are you seeing another woman? Cynthia asked with anxiety

“Honey why will you talk like this, you know that I can never cheat on you. “bright replied
so where have you been staying all this while? Cynthia followed his statement
work of course, where else do you think am staying? look honey this job am doing is for our own good or do you want me to quit the job and be staying at home? no am a man, I need to be working so that I can take care of you and our coming kids I know children will come one day. “bright said

“not that I don’t want you to work, my major problem is you leaving the house for two weeks or months before coming back without knowing how am coping been alone in this house, try to consider me sometimes. “Cynthia said but she never mentioned anything to him concerning what her friend told her of him coming out from the boutique with a woman, she just keep it to herself waiting for the right time to catch him red handed
“Am I not providing everything you asked for? or am I not satisfying you on the bed, even if I stay one year at work all that matters most is for me to satisfy your needs when ever am around, please honey like I said before am very tired and need to sleep .”bright said and went back to sleep, while Cynthia was speechless, after some moment she also went to sleep.
Episode 16

One day Cynthia was in her shop thinking, when a customer named Ken came, at first she did not notice his presence until when the customer tapped her that she came back to reality.
Ah…. madam, what are you thinking? have been here for almost ten minutes but you didn’t notice my present, whatever the problem is you have to take it easy, everybody have his or her own problem, so you don’t have to kill yourself thinking over your problem. “Ken said to her

Am sorry for not noticing your present, so what do you want to buy? Cynthia asked
“do you have any smart collection perfume? Ken asked
“yes I have it ” Cynthia said and went inside her shop and get him the perfume that he needed, after that he paid her and collected the perfume
please let me rest a little here before I go the sun is too much. “Ken said and then sit on one of the chair which was outside the shop, while Cynthia also sat in the other chair she was sitting before. As Ken was still resting, he brought out his phone and started scrolling on it looking at the pictures he have on the phone, as he was still looking at the pictures smiling, Cynthia’s eyes caught one of the picture which got her attention.

“sorry, please give me your phone let me see something, there is this picture of two people that I saw that got my attention. “Cynthia said and then Ken handed her his phone, so Cynthia started scrolling on the pictures until she saw the picture that got her attention. her heart skipped on what she saw, it was the picture of Nancy and her husband that she saw on the phone, that moment she wanted to cry but she control her tears from dropping so that Ken will not see her crying.

“Please do you know this people? she asked showing him the picture on the phone with her heart beating so fast
Ah… those people, they are the latest couple we have in our compound. “Ken replied smiling and that moment Cynthia almost fell from her chair because of what she just heard
“so you mean you know them? she asked again trying to be sure of what she heard
who doesn’t know b -man and his fiance Nancy who is pregnant for him, they are planning to get married soon, ah…. that b-man love that girl Nancy so much, they are the talk of the street, every couple want to be like them, I snapped this picture of them four days ago when they were going out, and that is what others in our compound and streets are also doing snapping them because they are among the best couples we have in our street. “Ken said and Cynthia was very heartbroken, she feel like to cry that moment

“please can you give me the address of where they are staying because me too want to snap them. “Cynthia requested
hmm….. everybody want to snap b -man and his fiance Nancy, they have now turned to celebrities, b -man I hail ooo…..”Ken said and later gave Cynthia the address she requested for
“thank you very much, when will I meet them at home? Cynthia asked again
they normally stay at home, sometimes b -man will not go to work for two weeks because of Nancy, he so much love that girl, awww…. am jealous of them, do you know that b -man bought the latest car for Nancy last month? that man showers that girl a lot. “Ken said and this pissed Cynthia off
“how I wish that this guy will just go because his type can give somebody heart attack with his running mouth, if he stay here another ten minutes I might die of B.p .”Cynthia thought to herself and also hurt at the same time of what she heard, not too long Ken stood up from his chair.

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