My Sister’s husband episode 11

My sister’s husband
Episode 11
Written by chichi Tonia

Ah honey, this one you came here have you finish cleaning? bright asked surprisedly
“No am still cleaning, I saw your driving license on the floor while am cleaning so I decided to bring it for you. “Cynthia said and then handed him his driving license
oh thank you honey, so I forgot it in the sitting room last night .”he said and collected it from her
so who was the person you were talking to on the phone because I heard you said missing you? Cynthia asked

Ermm…erm… oh that was one of our customer supplying chemical in our company, so it has been long he supplied last that was why I told him that the company is missing his chemical. “bright lied and Cynthia shaked her hand because she was not satisfied with his answer
hmm… ok ooo… I see, anyway let me go and continue with my cleaning. “she said and left to continue what she was doing but she was suspecting that her husband is having an affair outside
Thank God that I was able to come up with a lie .”bright said Immediately Cynthia had left
Four days later, Cynthia was in the room thinking about his husband sudden change, although she suspect that he Is having an affair outside but not too sure of it.
bright have really changed, this wasn’t the husband I used to know, I remember before when he was still loving and caring, but this time he have suddenly change, he no longer stay here anymore if not for the past one week that he came back and now he have gone back yesterday, according to him he said that he is staying in his working place that they give him house there, I know bright is cheating on me but who could be this woman that want to destroy my marriage? hmm I must find out one day if truly there is another woman in his life, anyway it has been long that I hear from my baby sister Nancy, let me call her to know how she is doing, since she don’t want me to know where she is staying. “Cynthia said to herself and then collected her phone from the bed and dialed Nancy’s number and it rang.
“Hello aunty!!! “Nancy said over the phone

hello Nancy how are you? Cynthia asked
Am fine aunty and you? Nancy also asked
Am fine my dear, you don’t bother to call or asked of me and you don’t want me to know your house and you no longer come to see me again, what is really happening? I hope you are okay? Cynthia asked with a concerned
“yes aunty am okay, just that I wasn’t around this days, I travelled to my friend’s traditional marriage but too bad the marriage didn’t hold again, I just returned back yesterday. “Nancy said
eyaa….. I feel pity for that your friend, I know she must be heart broken .”Cynthia said
yes aunty, she was heartbroken before but now she have accept her fate and move on with her life, so how is your husband ? Nancy asked

hmm… he is fine .”Cynthia responded
Aunty you sound some how, I hope there is no problem? Nancy asked again
hmm… if I tell you that there is no problem know that am lying, bright have suddenly changed, he no longer stay here anymore, when I asked him where he normally stay he told me he is staying in his working place that is job is not giving him space, how can somebody be working from Mondays till Sundays without rest and is company for that matter, I don’t know whether is because have not giving him children that made him to change overnight or maybe he is cheating on me with another woman .”Cynthia said

“no I don’t think your husband is cheating on you, I know my brother in law he can never try that rubbish, maybe he have been busy with his job truly, don’t worry aunty everything will be alright okay. “Nancy said
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