My Sister’s husband episode 3&4

My Sister’s Husband
Episode 3

When they got to madam Stella’s tailoring shop, Cynthia paid for Nancy to learn how to sew, after that she left for her business place.
“I hope you know the reason why you came here? madam Stella asked after Cynthia had left
yes ma’am, to learn how to sew. “Nancy replied
make sure you focus on what you came for, not the one you will be chasing all the hungry boys that we have in this area, I hope you are not the type that like men too much? madam Stella asked again

no ma! am not the type, am a decent girl. “Nancy replied
That’s is good, just consectrate on what you came for, you see that your aunty she is a very nice woman and she care about you, that was why she brought you here so that you will learn how to sew which will benefit you in life, who knows you might be a great fashion designer tommorow, always be a good girl and make your sister proud, not only your sister but also your parents in the village. “madam Stella advised
ok ma!! I will do as you said. “Nancy responded

“Not that am telling you what to do, you can do as you like after all you are not working for me but learning, am telling you all this for your own good, you are like a daughter to me even though I don’t know you before but I know your aunty very well, why am saying all this is because I know the kind of useless boys that we have in this area, all they do is to useless girls, please for your own good stay away from them and consectrate on what you came for, your aunty told me to put an eyes on you so that you will not go astray, if you follow my advice you shall be a great woman in life okay? madam Stella said
ok ma and thanks for the advice .”Nancy appreciated
you are welcome my dear. “madam Stella responded
As time goes on, Nancy began to learn fashion designer within some months she became an expert in sewing many types of clothes. After her learning, her sister Cynthia rented a shop for her and also bought some sewing machines for her and from there Nancy became boss of her own and she started sewing for people, not up to few months she became well known, anybody that have any occasion to attend will bring their clothes for Nancy to sew, with this she became very famous and have connections, her sister Cynthia was very proud of her, even their parents in the village was also proud of Nancy.
“Aunty there is something which have been bothering me and I need an advise on what to do .”Nancy said in a worried tone one Monday morning
And what is it that is bothering you? Cynthia asked looking her face curiously
there is this guy who have been disturbing me for long, he said that he love me that he want us to be dating and I told him that am not interested but he keep on disturbing me. honestly am really confuse I don’t know what to tell him again. “Nancy said confusedly
hmm… is that what have been bothering you? look Nancy you are 24 and no more a baby and you are old enough to know what is good for you, to me if truly the guy love you why not give him a chance. “Cynthia said smiling
aunty you are saying I should date him? Nancy asked

if truly he loves you why not give him a chance, but make sure you are always careful in all you do, so what is the name of the guy? Cynthia asked
his name is b- man .”Nancy replied
B- man? what kind of a name is that? don’t he have a full name ? Cynthia asked again
My Sister’s Husband
Episode 4
Written by chichi Tonia
Aunty! that is his full name, and besides I haven’t agree to date him not to talk of to know him more. “Nancy replied
ok if you say so, is left for you whether you want to date him or not, but always be careful in all you do. “Cynthia said and ended the topic
The next day Nancy was in her shop sewing when her friend Janet came.
Big head how far nah? Janet said playfully immediately she entered the shop
I dey fine coconut head .”Nancy also said smiling
“Anyway how is work today? Janet asked as she took one chair and sat beside her
work is fine ooo as you can see .”Nancy replied

So how far, have you agreed to date bright? Janet asked hoping to hear positive answer from her
No! you know is not possible, how can I date my sister’s husband is not good at all, after all the good things she have done for me, you still expect me to betray her by dating her husband, no way I can’t do that she will feel hurt and betrayed if she found out, I can’t even try it. “Nancy said

Look at how you are talking like a baby, if I were you I will date bright, forget about how your sister will feel and grab your opportunity, after all he is the one running after you, why not date him so that he can take of you. “Janet said
is my sister’s husband we are talking about, try to understand where am heading to, I can’t date him is not good at all is wickedness, if I agree to date him remember is my sister that made me what I am today, is not good to pay her back with evil after everything she have done for me. “Nancy exclaimed
“My dear say yes to bright and your life will be better than this, to me I don’t see anything wrong for you to date your sister’s husband. “Janet said
No I can’t do that, even yesterday I told my sister that a guy have been disturbing me without she knowing that is her husband am talking about, I almost died of guilty conscience yesterday for lying to my sister. “Nancy said
suit yourself, but I will advise you think about it …….”Janet said
Two months later, Cynthia was at home one evening cooking dinner when a car drove into the compound, at first she thought that it was her husband’s car but when she look through the kitchen window it wasn’t her husband’s car because the car that entered the compound was a brand new car, so she decided to know who owns it, but to her greatest surprise it was her sister Nancy who came down from the car, immediately she rushed out from the kitchen to outside.

Nancy who owns this car that you brought into the compound? she asked surprisedly immediately she got outside
Aunty calm down, this is my new ride .”Nancy responded smiling
your new ride?? where did you get money to buy this car because it look very expensive? Cynthia curiously asked
Ah… aunty why are you talking like this? can’t I afford money to buy this car, remember am a fashion designer and I earn a lot through it. “Nancy said
I know you earn alot through your fashion designer, but this car look very expensive for you to afford. “Cynthia said not satisfied with her answer
Question : To you do you think that is Nancy that bought the car with her money? Remember she is a fashion designer and she earn a lot through her profession, so say your thought 🤑🤑

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