My mother married my husband episode 3

My mother married my husband

Episode 3

I drove down to school to pick jimmy, jimmy is a very smart kid. He noticed my eyes where red and puffy so he began to asked so many questions that I couldn’t even answer.

“Mom have you been crying?”, Jimmy asked.

“No baby, I just have a red eye due to much heat from cooking today”, I replied.

“Mom you don’t have to lie to me, the eyes are fragile and they can be threatened by so many things, you have been cooking and I have never noticed this happened to your eyes before. So tell me what happened?”, Jimmy stated and I smiled lightly.

Jimmy is a smart boy and right now he has been my source of joy and hope.

“Jimmy mom is really sad and your right I have been crying. Right now you won’t understand, but I want you to know that I will always be here for you no matter what. Okay?”, I replied. .

“Alright mom, don’t cry again. You look like a jelly fish”, he revealed, which made us laugh out loud in the car as we drove home.

We arrived home in a jiffy, I could see Femi standing in the front door feeling nervous. I could tell he wants to say something to me or apologize, I didn’t want to think about what happened earlier I wanted to just live my life the way it pleases my son.

We got down from the car, I helped jimmy with his school bag and lunch box. Jimmy rushed to his father and gave him a really tight hug, they both hugged for a while before I arrived the front door.

Jimmy ran inside the house while Femi just stood there preventing me from going in.

“Femi what is it? Let me go in”, I requested.

“Kyla am so sorry for what happened earlier, I really don’t know what came over me. I don’t know what’s happening, please forgive me”, he said.

“Did you just say you don’t know what came over you? Femi don’t get me angry just leave me alone am tired”, I pushed myself into the living room and walked upstairs preparing my son to have his bath.

Femi didn’t speak to me for a week, my mother threw all my clothes outside my matrimonial room. She has always made it clear that I wasn’t welcomed into the room anymore, therefore I refused to stay in the guest room.

I moved into my son’s room that night after heated argument, jimmy witnessed the fight between I and my mother. Femi refused to involve himself, it was obvious that he as taking sides with my mother.

I carefully arranged my things in Jimmy’s room, I didn’t want to leave my son alone. The house wasn’t feeling safe anymore, I didn’t want anyone to hurt him while am asleep in another room.

I noticed jimmy cried most of the time, he never wanted to see me hurt. As a little boy he knew that his family is falling apart, and there was nothing he could do.

I took solace in the things of God, I always attended church. I never missed a day in church, I taught jimmy all he needs to know in the bible and made sure he could pray with bible scriptures off hand.

I began to live life the way it is, I didn’t want to leave my marriage. I just don’t want Jimmy to grow up without a father figure in his life, I loved Jimmy more than myself. He was the only person that gave me joy and peace, my relationship with jimmy made him confide in me with whatever he was going through and I loved it.

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