My mother married my husband episode 10

My mother Married my husband
Episode 10

“Am Kyla, nice to meet you ma’am”, I replied, while she starred at me closely.

We talked for a long period of time and I was impatient because I need to ask her why she was in my dream crying for help, while she looked completely fine to me. I know it’s a silly thing to ask but I had no choice.

“Why where you in my dream a day before yesterday asking me to help you, and you called me your child”, I said.

Her eyes where wide open, in shock. She couldn’t say anything at that moment, she just kept looking at me while tears rolled down her eyes.

“The place I was crying for help, was it in a hospital?”, She asked softly.

“Yes it was”, I was shocked, how did she know it was in a hospital? I asked myself.

“They told me that only day my lost seed will have a dream, but more like a trance where she would see me calling out to her for help, but I didn’t take it seriously”, she said wiping her eyes.

“I don’t understand”, I muttered.

“It have so many years ago, my first child went missing in the general hospital. Then I wasn’t the senators wife but I was aspiring to be one, I gave birth to a female child she looked so much like me.
My husband was so excited and we celebrated at the hospital with all he nurses and doctors. But someone cut my joy short by switching my baby with a dead one”, she replied as tears flowed freely from her eyes.

“What? Why will they do that?”, I asked anxiously.

“I don’t know, I cried out loud alerting the hospital on what had happened. All the nurses in the hospital where busy conducting a surgery on a patient non came to my room, then I knew my baby was taken a way from me by a patient who gave birth to a still baby”, she replied.

“Jezzz that’s really bad, how could she?”, I asked feeling bad.

“I searched for my child but I couldn’t find her, it felt like she was long gone before I could alert the hospital. Those years where my saddest moments, but a seer once told me that my child will dream about me one-day crying out for help and I never knew that day was this day”, she added.

I was just looking at her in confused, and having mixed feeling.

“Kyla you are my missing daughter, show me your wrist”, she said.

I did, I turned my wrist and there was shallow double dot that has been on my wrist since I was a child and my mother never knew what it meant.

“You see Kyla, I will never make up stories. This double dota on your hands symbolizes wealth and power, it has remained in our family for generations. I passed it down to you immediately I saw you, it made finding you in the hospital easy for me because non of the children had a mark on their wrist”, she said.

“This is too much for me to comprehend, I don’t understand. Me, Kyla, your missing daughter? Oh my God, I can’t believe am the senators missing child”, I screamed alerting the bodyguards who were Abit far from our sitting area.

“I can’t believe I would find you after so many years”, she added.

I couldn’t even believe my ears, the woman have been looking up to as my mother wasn’t even my mother. That explains why she treated me that way, life is quite mysterious.

I and my biological mother went ahead to the hospital where I was born to run a DNA test to prove what she had explained.

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