My mother married my husband episode 4

My mother married my husband

Episode 4

Femi and my mother finally got married, the did a court wedding. I refused to go because my son never wanted me to.

They went on their honeymoon and came back few weeks later. When they returned Femi became a different person altogether, he doesn’t bring money for Jimmy’s school fees, he refuses to let me drive the car to pick jimmy from school.
I will have to trek down to school and pick him up.

My mother wouldn’t let me near the kitchen, when she cooks she wouldn’t let me and my son eat. If I try to cook she will waste all the food in the waste bin leaving I and my son to starve.

The day I complained to Femi, he turned me into his punching bag. He beat me to the point that people would not recognize my face or tell my actual complexion if I was light skin or dark skin.

Jimmy witnessed everything they did to me, as jimmy grew older he became wiser. I was going through hell in my marriage, I had no friends, no sibling or anybody to confide in. I was just me and my son, I kept praying to God for things to get better.

Jimmy was already 7 years old when the worse happened to me. Jimmy came back from school and was feeling hungry, I rushed to go outside to scarvenge for food but before I got back I found jimmy eating.

It looks like the food my mother prepared earlier that day but refused to give us. Jimmy was just rushing the food without even acknowledging my presence.

“Jimmy who gave you this food your eating?”, I asked looking curious.

“Well it’s grandma, she offered to give me food after noticing how hungry I was”, he replied still rushing the food.

“Jimmy why didn’t you wait for me? I got food for us”, I replied.

Jimmy quickly stopped eating the food, he began to scream falling to ground while holding his tommy. He was groaning in pains, I rushed to him to help me up but he was vomiting blood all over the dinning area.

I began to scream for help, Femi and my mother came rushing down to see what was happening.

“Femi, Femi please help me, I don’t know what is happening to jimmy”, I cried out.

“What happened?”, Femi asked while trying to help him up.

“I went out to get food for him, only for me to come back and met him eating the food my mother gave him and now he started vomiting out blood”, I explained as tears filled my eyes.

“So what are you trying to say? That I poisoned him? You must be out of your mind”, my mother scolded me.

“This is not time to point fingers at each other, let’s take him to the hospital”, Femi said while he carried jimmy into the car.

We all went together, getting to the hospital the nurses attended to jimmy. We waited for a while before the doctor came out with a long face, I was already panicking in my heart.

“Doctor how is my son?”, I asked curiously.

“Am so sorry ma’am your son couldn’t make it, the poison destroyed every organ in his system. He couldn’t make it, your son is dead”, the doctor revealed.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Jimmy!!!! Jimmyyyyy, God help me ooooo, my son gone, ahhhh”, I screamed and cried in the hospital. Rolling myself on the floor.

My mother stood behind Femi smiling so hard like her plan has been accomplished.

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