My mother married my husband episode 12

My mother married my husband
Episode 12

“Femi you caused me alot of pain, you watched our son die and still blamed me for killing him. You chased me out of our home making me sign the divorce papers by focus”, I said with pain lingering in my voice.

“Am so sorry I didn’t mean for all this things to happen, I never knew what I was doing. It felt so right then as if I was commanded to do them, please Kyla forgive me”, he went on his kneels begging trying to hold on to my legs but my bodyguards prevented him from doing that.

My bodyguards pushed him away, I have him a stern warning. I felt so much pain in my heart, all the pain that I managed to suppress bursted out.

“Femi I have nothing to say to you, I have moved passed this and I pray you get the peace you need”, I said trying to walk away but his next words stopped me.

“Please forgive me for all I did to you, I have never known peace. Even after loosing everything I still dont have peace of mind anymore”, he said.

“I hold jo grudge against you Femi, I forgave you a long time ago but sometimes we are the ones that always stand in our way of peace”, i replied.

“Please kyla, I meed you back in my life. I want my wife back no matter what it takes, I will try to work hard and get rich again”, he added.

I burst in to laughter, “Femi your funny, am already engaged to someone else who respect and honor me. I know you must have seen me in the news lately, am the long lost senators daughter. Which means am I filthy rich, I don’t need a man’s money just like the way I was depending on you”, I replied.

“Huh? Your the senators daughter, how? When?”, Femi began to blab.

“I don’t have this time Femi, am a busy woman. I will try to see what I can do for you regardless of how you treated me”, I replied, while giving him my business card.

After I left the mall that day, I kept thinking of the incident that happened between I and Femi. I felt a soft spot for him, I felt pity for him. I knew Femi wronged me so much but I had to forgive him knowing he was under a spell.

I talked to my parents about it and they where shocked, they felt pity for him and decided to help him get back on his feet. At least they helped me track my ex-mother and make her pay for having a hand in my son’s death.

Few weeks later, I was called by parents to come over to the police station to bare witness of something.

When I got here I saw parents in the DPO’s office and we began to talk.
It was stated that my ex-mother was apprehended in the airport when she was about running away to another country.

She was caught with femi’s documents and other edible assets that belongs to him. They arrest her and brought her to the police station, ever since they brought her to the station she has been making all manner of confession to the authorities concerning what she had done to me and my son.

I was dumbfounded and I needed to hear things for myself, we all moved to the cell where she was locked up and it looked like she had been beaten too many times to the point I didn’t recognize her face anymore.

“DPO why did your boys beat her this way?”, I curiously asked.

“Madam we haven’t laid our hands on her since she came, am shocked to see her this way”, he replied looking confused.

“Please my daughter help me, help me oo, your son jimmy is beating me. His flogging me oh, please help me”, my ex-mother said scratching all over her body.

My parents looked at me and looked back at her dumbfounded, I dint even understand what was going on.

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