My mother married my husband episode 6

My mother married my husband
Episode 6

I didn’t have anywhere to sleep, I couldn’t go back to the village. People will begin to ask questions, I sold all the jewelry Femi bought for me since we got married. I used the money to rent a small apartment, got a bed, and other little things I needed.

The compound wasn’t much but I had to manage knowing it’s my starting point in life. I never got rid of my son’s clothes, I made sure they where still safe in his boxes. Sometimes I sleep on them, imaging he was there with me.

I got back to the hospital for my son’s body, I wept so much when I saw jimmy cold and stiff in a white dress. I took to the general cemetery and buried him, my tears that day knew no bounds.

I felt like dying with Jimmy, I felt like all hope was lost. I sat close to his grave singing his favourite gospel song, telling him how much I miss him and love him.

“Jimmy I promise you on this day January 3rd 2015, I will never forget you, I will never stop visiting you. I promise to make you proud, just like you always wanted”, I said while touch the head stone his name was craved on.

I went home, I could barely eat, sleep or do anything. I kept praying and seeking the face of God, I never questioned God for what happened to Jimmy. God knew best and his ways are mysterious, and pure.

For days I was indoors, I needed to start something. I had my certificate with me, I submitted my CV and other credentials in some company.

None got back to me, I was looking Patience. I prayed and cried to God to show his face in my life, it wasn’t funny anymore. I needed him much more than ever.

Two days later I got a call from one of the companies I submitted my CV. They wanted me to fill the space of being their supervisor, I was excited. What God can not do doesn’t exist, I got few cooperate wears based on the kind of position I was given… I needed to look my best.

The next day I resumed work, I was thinking It was going to be difficult but it was a simple task and I loved how stress free it was and the pay was good enough to get me a better apartment and a car.

I never missed a day without visiting my son’s grave, I always told him my latest progress. I felt like he was listening and I felt relieved each time i pour my heart to him.

I was diligent and determined to achieve alot in short period of time. My boss Mr Dickson was a very nice and simple man, he was old enough to father 6 boys but no girl. 5 of his son where married, all lived outside the country except one which is Gavin.
But something really weird happened between us the next day at work.


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