My mother married my husband

My mother married my husband

Episode 1

My mother married my husband few years after I and my husband got married. This sounds unbelievable but it actually happened to me around July 3rd 2012. My husband and I have been married for 4 years, we have a son jimmy who is almost clocking 4 years.

Femi is an orphan, his family died in a plane crash living him alone at a tender age. They left the properties for Femi,
I was happy married to my husband Femi before the marriage turned into a nightmare before my eyes. Ever since my mother came visiting things changed, my mother isn’t looking old physically. She is looking bold, beautiful and nice, they usually call her young mama. I really don’t understand why she will do this to her daughter.

It all started when Femi started showering her with gifts and other expensive items. He would even cook and serve us on the table, since I married Femi he has never cooked for me or our son.

He became entirely romantic towards my mother, I felt maybe he was trying to make her feel comfortable and calm during her stay with us but I was wrong.

Femi stopped going on business trips, he always come back from early. He made sure my mother was comfortable and will constantly give her a foot massage during the evening hour. They will laugh and discuss about alot of things and leaving me out of all the discussion no matter how I try to involve myself in the conversation.

I normally do a school runs for Jimmy, I didn’t have a job because Femi didn’t like the idea of me working. He provides for I and my son and we were living comfortably, my father is late it was just me and my mother with no siblings. I didn’t see the need for my mother to stay all by her self in the village so I invited her to stay with us in the city.

Femi’s entire attitude changed towards me and our son, I was thinking it was stress at work and other projects he was running not until the day i was coming back home from the market and met Femi and my mother on our matrimonial bed sleeping together.

My mother married my husband

Episode 2

I was shocked, I couldn’t comprehend what was going on, I couldn’t move as I watched them kissing and romancing theirselves like lovers.

“What’s going on here?”, I asked while in tears.

Femi was shocked to see me standing by the door, but my mother wasn’t shocked she was even more relaxed and calm feeling like she hasn’t done anything wrong.

“Kyla am.. am..”, Femi starmmed.

“What’s going on? Why are you in bed with my mother?”, I asked as tears gushed out from my eyes excessively.

“It’s not what you think”, Femi muttered.

“What do you mean it’s not what she thinks? Am I a joke to you?”, My mother echoed.

“What!”, I exclaimed feeling confused.

“See Kyla, Femi here is inlove with me. Now am giving him much more than you have ever given him. Well since Femi will not man up and tell you straight to your face let me do him the Honor”, my mother said aggressively while seating up, using the blanket to cover her naked body properly.

“Tell me what? Tell me what am already seeing with my eyes, his in love with you how? Your my mother, you gave birth to me, you nurtured me why will you do this to me?”, I screamed, as tears constantly flow freely from my eyes.

“babe please calm down, I don’t want you to panic”, Femi said with a cracking voice, which sound like his scared of something.

“Kyla, am your mother and I deserve to be loved. How can have such a loving and caring man as Femi and keep it all to yourself. I will take anything that belongs to you even if it gives you life I will take it from you as long as it means something to you. Take a look at my hands”, my mother waved her fingers at me, I could see a very bright and expensive wedding ring glowing in her finger.

“Femi and i is getting married soon, start getting ready to accommodate your co-wife. Femi my love, my sweetheart”, my mother revealed.

“Femi! Femi!!”, I screamed and cried out so loud almost rolling on the floor.

“Femi why? Femi why do this to me?”, I asked him, I watched how speechless he was trying to find words to say but none came out of his mouth.

“Please stop shouting in my husband’s house, from now on you won’t stay in this room with him again. You will be staying in your son’s room our the guest room, at least am generous enough”, my mother said.

“Femi how could you? I thought you loved me? What will our son think of you?”, I asked him while he was just glaring at me like he was under a spell or like a cat cut his tongue.

“Go and pick jimmy from school, it closing time already. Let I and my darling husband continue from where we stopped”, she replied while dragging Femi back to bed as they continue kissing and holding unto each other’s naked body.

I buried my face in shame, my eyes where red and I couldn’t walk properly. It felt like I was beaten so many time in a roll, I left the house to pick jimmy from school.

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