My mother married my husband episode 5

My mother married my husband
Episode 5

Femi was speechless, I could see the sadness written all over his face. My mother was smiling secretly behind his back then I knew she was behind the death of my son.

We drove back home in slience, my mind and heart has been broken into pieces. The only source of joy has left me in this lonely world, of pain, regret and sorrow. I knew my mother was behind what had happened to my son but I have no evidence against her.

We got home and I wasn’t myself, my mother sat close to Femi trying to comfort him. I got pissed and raised my voice.

“Mother what did you do to my son? After you offered him Your food to eat. You poisoned my son, how could you?” I queried.

“You witch don’t you dare point accusing fingers on me, you have no right to accuss me of anything. You have finally killed your son and now your looking for who to blame”, my mother scolded.

“Kyla how could you do this to our son? You killed your own son because of what?”, Femil asked.

“Femi are you thinking straight at all. What makes you think that I did something bad to my son, I wasn’t even home when your wife gave my son the food to eat. Why would I kill my own son, my source of joy”, I burst into tears.

“Shut up you pretender, you gave him that food and left this house so you won’t look suspicious. Now your pointing fingers at me for killing your son, your a joker”, my mother spat.

“Femi you have to believe me, I didn’t kill jimmy, why would I do that?”, I confessed.

“I won’t know, because am not in your mind. You killed jimmy and that all I know, you can’t point fingers at my lovely wife. Infact, I want you to pack your things and leave this house now”, Femi yelled.

The sound of his voice made me tremble, Femi of all people thinks in killed my own son. Why would I do that? My mother supported him, she went into my son’s and threw all my things outside including my son’s things.

I rushed outside to pick my things and that of my son’s, I folded them in all the boxes. While I folded my son’s clothes all the memories we had together came flashing back, so much pains filled my heart and head.

I packed my son’s things placed them into his box and packed mine. I tried to beg Femi to let me in, i begged and begged but he never came out.

My mother sprang the door open and gave me divorce papers to sign or else she will make sure Femi deal with me mercilessly. I signed the papers with tears rolling down my eyes.

My happy home turned into a nightmare, turned into pain and sorrow.

“Don’t ever come back here again, you are no more his wife and you are no more welcomed”, my mother said before she shut the door at my face.

I was confused, how could my mother be this Vail, wicked and heartless. How can she do this to her own daughter? Femi at the other hand turned his back on me.

I left femi’s house and never returned, that was the last time I saw Femi and my mother.

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