My mother married my husband episode 11

My mother Married my husband
Episode 11

At the other hand was just shocked, I couldn’t even do anything at that point. While we waited for the result to be out, she asked me alot of questions concerning my journey of life.

I told her everything, and what my ex-mother did to me and she was shocked. She promised to deal with her for taking my husband and also having a hand in the death of my son.

We had a long talk, trying to catch up with alot of happenings, when we where finally called to see what the result says.

When we both read through it, it turned up POSITIVE. indeed am the daughter of the senators wife Mrs Louis vicrome.

She jumped up in joy and hugged me so tight welcoming me back home. She took me to her house, I won’t call it a house but a Manson. I mean my ex-husband Femi is rich but what am seeing here is far more better than what Femi had.

So many maids and security, so many staffs to attend to your needs and wants. I couldn’t even imagine a lot of things, I my father the senator. When I met him he never knew I was his long lost daughter until his wife did, and he burstrd into tears.

We got to know each other and how have been living my life, I equally told him what I went through and he was heartbroken but promised to bring justice for Jimmy my son.

I thought it was going to end there, but he called all the staffs and maids to welcome me properly, he even made a grand Announcement to the public about my return.
That’s how I went from a commoner to a kings child, so many social platforms took note of the news and my photo on it.

Even in my place of work was not left out, they welcomed me in a grand style. My boss was pleased to have treated me very well on my first day at work, if not he would have lost his connection with the senator.

Gavin was happy about everything, but he was sad that I didn’t get to tell him. He had to hear it from the news and other social platforms.

I never stopped visiting my son Jimmy, I told him all the interesting things that has been happening in my life. I always wished he was here with me to experience all the good things of life.

It’s been two years and some months now, I occupied the position of one the big and best oil company foundered by my father.

I stopped working with boss since my father had all the opportunities I need. Apart from working in an oil company, my parents got my a very luxurious mansion and some cars I change frequently.

I had siblings and they where happy to have me in their life’s, they kept telling me the story of how I got missing in the hospital. Saying there parents never forgot about me and they all prayed to find me soon.

I felt loved and blessed, I only wished to have jimmy by my side, if only he waited for me and didn’t eat the food my ex-mother offered him.

Gavin and I became an item, he proposed to me and accepted his proposal. We started preparing for out big day, mom and dad has been putting things in place to make it the biggest wedding in Nigeria.

Some days later, I was in shopping mall with my bodyguards. My parents never wanted me to feel unsafe now the world knows about my return, they wanted me protected with the well trained bodyguards.

I obeyed their command and move around with them, my parents knows best and I won’t question them. I was shopping for new skincare products when I bumped into Femi.

He was looking dirty, pale and hungry. He was putting on a staff uniform and I was mopping the floor of the mall, he was shocked to see me. He didn’t even know when the mop stick fell from his hands, we both starred at each other.

“Femi what are doing here, holding a mop stick?”, I asked curiously.

“I work here, am a cleaner here in this mall”, he replied.

“What do you mean your a cleaner here? Femi you are wealthy man what happened to your wealth?”, I asked almost screaming.

“Kyla a lot happened after you left, your mother did alot of fetish things to me that made me forget who I was.she took everything from me, including my house, cars and assets. It felt like I was under a spell, I tried looking for you but I couldn’t find you”, he said, while the tears in his eyes betrayed him as them rolled down helplessly.

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