Letting Go episode 8

Letting Go
Episode 8
Motunde began to shiver as Jake forced her to eat the food she pòisoned. But she watched carefully, no one saw her when she was poisòning the food; or was there any other person outside this four walls that she didn’t know.

Eat this food now!! Jake shouted at her. Everywhere became really hot. Jake gave her a dirty slap on her right cheek. As she held the right cheek looking at him. He gave her another slap at her left cheek.

She couldn’t even cry, She had to stay strong. How dare you poisòn me when I want to give you a chance? Jake asked her angrily. I didn’t ask you to give me a chance. Let me go out of this Hell you call a relationship. she said.

Are you deaf or dumb? Didn’t you hear when I said there was no letting go out of this relationship. It is you and I together, forever. I don’t know what that party man did to you, but I will undo it. he said

David was in the guest room shivering when he heard the slap, It was as if they were polling roofs out of the house. He wanted to come out to know what was happening. But he remembered what his mother told him, not to come out of the room till she told him to. He couldn’t even eat again.

I have always wanted to take away the blood of that party man gently from your body, but what you did today showed me you want it the hard way. Jake said.

No No, Motunde said Looking at Jake. Jake removed her wig and threw one side. Jake don’t do it. Motunde pleaded.

She started moving backward, slowly. Jake went to her and slapt her face again. You must be mad to think you can poison me and go scout free. Jake I’m begging you. Motunde pleaded. This time she was already on the floor, moving backward with her buttocks.

Jake was filled with rage. When I’m done with you, you would know that I’m your boyfriend. I picked you from no where. You have no right to leave this relationship. Jake said. Motunde was still moving backward with her buttocks to the kitchen.

Jake was already unzipping his trouser, He wanted to råpe Motunde first, Jake don’t do this. Motunde begged. But all her pleading went to deaf ears. He already pulled down his trouser. I know you missed this. He said and laughed his evil laugh loudly.

Motunde was crying all through, he knelt down and spread her legs. Jake don’t. she kept on saying repeatedly with tears in her eyes. Jake went in and out of her, But luckily for her she kept a knife by the corner of the kitchen where she lay.

As Jake continued forcefully going in and out of her, she used the last strength in her, took the knife, immediately he was pulling out. She stabbed him in the stomach and seconds later blood started coming out of his stomach.

She hurriedly went to the guest room and took her baby David to run out of the house. As she was about to go out of the house, She noticed that Jake had already stood up from the kitchen and removed the knife from his stomach.

He covered the wounded area with his hands. She tried opening the door, but it was lock. Jake let out an evil laugh as he saw she couldn’t escape, the door we lockee. This is the end, Motunde. Jake said. From how he said it, you would notice that he still felt the pain from the stab.

He was coming gently towards Motunde and her son, with the knife in his hands. He was already reaching close, when the door opened from outside, It was Their driver Tayo, Beside him was the police. As Jake saw them. He just sat down on the sofa.

The police went to Jake, You are under arrest Mr Jake for the kidnap and abuse of Mrs Jide and her son David. The police said. Immediately Jide came in. Daddy. David said immediately he saw the father. You are alright now baby. Jide said and hugged the baby.

He looked at the torn dress of Motunde, he realized she had passed through a lot. There was tears in Motunde eye. He raped me. Motunde said with tears and covered her face in Jide’s shoulder. You are okay now. Love. Jide said and pampered her on the shoulder.

The police took Tayo their driver with Jide to their car on Handcuff. Why are they arresting Tayo? Motunde asked in surprise. He has been the one feeding Jake information about us, He was involved in the kidnap of our son. Jide said. I heard him making a call early this morning, telling Jake all our plans, I heard to involve the police. Jide said.

I love you so much. Motunde said. They both kissed. Let’s go home and take a shower. Jide said. They stayed as a family watching the police taking Jake and Tayo to their car.

We are sorry for all you passed through, Mrs Jide. The police told motunde. And we promised both of you that the two of them would face the full wrath of the law and punished accordingly.

They family and the police drove back to the city. The followed a short route that Tayo showed them.

They Family lived happily.

Weeks Later in the City, the family received a call from the police that Jake diéd due to the stab, so Tayo was the one to face the full wrath of the law. That same week he was sentenced to Life Imprisonment.
Most of us are in a toxic relationship that one of the party don’t want to let go, and some of us become scared, because of what they other party would do to us If we seek for freedom in the relationship.

Letting Go is a story for all.

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