Letting Go episode 3

Letting Go
Episode 3

Jake got angry again that Motunde was exchanging words with him. she saw the anger in his face and had to let it slide. When she was done with what she was doing. She went to the dinning and took Jake’s plates to the kitchen.

She dished her own food and ate, While she was eating she was thinking. Was she wasting her time in this relationship? She was done eating and decided to rest a little at the living room.

Motunde!!! Jake called from the bedroom. Motunde didn’t answer him. Motunde!! Jake called again. But she still didn’t answer. She just went into the bedroom minutes later.

Are you deaf or you didn’t heard when I called you? Jake asked her. Jake notice that Motunde was frowning her face. Are you still angry with me? I thought I apologized to you. I have told you I’m sorry, This is what get me upset oo. I apologize and you are still angry? Did I k!ll somebody? Jake asked.

Jake look at my body. Motunde said showing him the scarce on her body. I didn’t realized its that deep. I’m sorry. You know I love you right? Jake said as he draw her closer to the bed.

Motunde noticed what he wanted to do. Not to night Jake. she said. Babe but I have apologized. He said. Apologies will not heal me. Motunde said. I’m getting a doctor to treat you tomorrow. I’m sorry. He said again as he kissed Her back. Not tonight jake I’m not in the mood. Motunde said.

Jake got really upset, But he tried controlling himself. As a perfect gentleman I will let you be. You know I love you right? Jake said. Hmmm. Motunde replied.

Good night. Jake told motunde. As Jake slept Motunde was awake seated on the bed thinking why she so much love Jake. Jake was her first love and they started dating since she was a teenager, she hasn’t spoken anything about dating with any other guy.

She slept later that night with her face sideways. Later that morning She hasn’t still recovered from the bruise of her recent fight with Jake. Everything went well that morning. Jake went to work after having his breakfast which she prepared as early as 6:00am.

She knows that Jake doesn’t eat outside apart from lunch, so she made sure his food was always ready, even though Jake doesn’t provide enough money at home. He still goes to work early.

At times he thinks its because of his unsteady income that’s why he is been harsh sometimes. She was still at home, on top of the bed thinking that Friday morning when she got a call from her best friend Jane. Hey are you coming for the party tonight? Jane asked immediately motunde picked up her call.

I don’t know Motunde replied. But there was something different with her voice, It seems like she was crying; but was trying to control it, Have you been Crying? Jane asked over the phone. Motunde was quiet. Did that mønster hit you again? Jane asked

Motunde didn’t reply her. Motunde I have told you to leave that man, Leave that hell you call a relationship. Jane said. You know I can’t. Motunde replied. Because you Still love him. Jane mimicked Motunde.

Is it until you d!e? Is it until he k!lls you? there are different men out there, Leave this man, he doesn’t love you. Jane adviced. He loves me, he just has a different way of showing it. Motunde said.

He loves me, he just has a different way of showing it.(Jane mimicked motunde again). And you are crying? That one is your business. I’m coming tonight to pick you up for the party. Jane said over the phone. I don’t think I can make it. Motunde replied

8:00PM I’m coming, You are still young o, Is it when you get old that you want to start enjoying yourself? Jane said. I’m coming. Prepare your self. Jane said and hang up the call.

Motunde stood up from the bed, Went into the bathroom and took her bath, by the time she was done It was already 8:27am. She dressed up and went to work.

She ordered an uber, The uber arrived almost immediately. Inside the uber, she was thinking if Jake would allow her go to the party, its been long she partied.

When she got to the office, She greeted some of her fellow colleagues and went straight to her office space. Immediately she was settling to sit down, one of her colleagues brought a flower for her and a note.

It was a delivery from someone. Her colleague said.
The note in the flower was “You Like”?


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