Letting Go

Letting Go
Episode 1

Mrs Principal how dåre you tell me, my child was kidnapped. Motunde said with all the anger in her to the principal. Mam I didn’t say your child was kidnapped, I only said I thought your driver took your child. the principal said.

Thought, My driver?Is that how you operate in this school? by thoughting? My driver that has been with my husband all day? What are you even saying? Motunde said. I’m as confused as you are. The principal said. Did you see my driver? Motunde asked her. I didn’t, But I saw your car. the principal replied.

My car? Thesame car that i drove to this school now? My driver didn’t even touch my car today, he has been with my husband. Who took my child? So they have kidnapped my child in your school? Motunde said again. Its not kidnapped until after 24hours. The principal said. You still have the nerves to tell me what kidnapping is? You were here when I called my driver, he isn’t with my child. My driver has been with my husband for all day. Where is my son? Motunde thundered again.

She was still questioning the principal when her husband came into the principal’s office. Principal what is the problem I couldn’t hear what my wife was saying properly on the phone. The husband said.

He was now trying to calm down the wife who is still restless in the principal’s office. Babe you need to calm down, so that we can hear the principal’s explanation. The husband said. Jide. What explanation do we need? The school have proven incapable. I’m surely involving the police now. Motunde said.

Motunde was a beautiful woman, elegant, she has a son, she was married to a hard working young man jide. They have been living happily, as jide was a worker in a very big company in the west. The family lacked nothing. They had a handsome 7years old son. Who was intelligent. He was in Primary 3.

He was all innocent and attended Dominion Primary school, one of the most popular and exclusive primary school’s in the west.

Motunde was a business woman, but she didn’t lack time for her family. Everything in the family was moving fine, the never imagined to have any problem until this day when Motunde went to pick their son from school and discovered that their son was missing.

Life came out of Motunde, She was still on top of her voice, where did you say my son is? Mrs principal. Motunde asked again. Madam you need to calm down. Will calm down bring back my son? Calm down? Jide this woman said I should calm down. Motunde said to her husband.

She has been in the principal’s office for some hours now. Let’s take this easy, Jide said. Motunde was already restless. Jide called his driver into the office; Tayo. This is my driver principal and my driver has been with me all day, My wife was the one to pick up my son today. Jide said as a gentleman.

They were still in a conversation when the cashier of the school came to inform the principal that she was done for the day. You can go. The principal told her; and she left, The school closed about 4hours ago, and she was checking the finances for the day.

They were still contemplating on what to do. Let’s involve the police as your wife earlier suggested. The Principal said. Yes sure, Jide said. As Jide was about to call the police. Motunde’s Phone rang.

It was an unknown number calling, She picked up the call. Hey Motunde, Our Son is doing just okay with me. The caller said from the other end of the phone. It was Motunde’s ex boyfriend on the line.

Where is my son? Motunde asked. Jake I said where is my son? Motunde asked again. You still have that beautiful voice you know? Jake said over the phone. Now the principal and her husband were giving Motunde that facial look, like who is that? what is going on?.

Your voice is all I need now. You know? The boy is doing okay. Jake said. Jake where is my son? If I get (before Motunde could complete the statement). Jake hung up the call.


© JM Konet

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