Letting Go episode 7

Letting Go
Episode 7
Motunde took a sip of the glass of wine given to her by Jake; her toxic ex boyfriend. Its been a while. Jake said after she sat down on the sofa. Why did you invite me to this lonely house? She asked.

I like your vibes, You are now strong, I can’t imagine you been this strong. I love strong women now. Jake said. That isn’t the question Jake, You cheated on me with my Best friend. You didn’t show any remorse. Whats your game and gain here.? Motunde asked.

That your friend, You didn’t tell me that you were friends with a thief. He said. I would I know that she stole from you? And why involve me in what Jane did to you? Motunde asked.

I ain’t involving you in what she did, I just want us back. Can’t you see how good we are together. Jake said holding her cheek up romantically. I’m married. I have a son which you kidnapped and that’s why I’m here to take him back. She replied.

I didn’t tell you to marry him. Jake said. You don’t own me. I can marry whoever I choose to marry. She said. Jake gave a deep evil smile. You don’t get it babe, In this relationship its you and I together, No man, No woman can put us asunder. Jake said.

I just got here, Let me take a shower, have a rest before we can properly talk. Motunde said. Let me come scrub your back. I know you missed that. Jake said smiling. I can help myself. She replied.

Where is the guest bedroom? Motunde asked. You can sleep on the master bedroom, after all its our bedroom. Jake said. Where is it? she asked again. You mean the masters bedroom? Jake asked. Anyone she replied. She didn’t have the strength to exchanges words with Jake.

You son is in the guest room. Jake said as she step to go to the master bedroom. You know the rules. I love you. Don’t call the police. It will be hard for them to find this location, before I k!ll you if you try any thing funny. Jake threatened and he smiled.

Motunde went to the guest room and saw her son. David. My baby. Motunde said immediately she saw her boy sitting on the bed. Mommy. uncle Jake said you would come, and you came. David said. He is not your uncle, and yes I came. She replied. There was tears of Joy in Motunde’s eye as Jake didn’t hurt her son. I’m coming let me go prepare food for you okay? Motunde told him. When are we going home? he asked. Soon my baby. she replied. She hugged him and left the guest room.

She went to the master’s bedroom, And went to the bathroom and started taking a shower. Jake was in the parlor sipping his own glass of red wine. He was happy that Motunde was back. He had promised himself to be a gentle man. He was gonna do everything in his power to get Motunde back and make her stay with him.

When Motunde left and Jane showed him her true colors, he had regretted everyday for ever hitting Motunde. Motunde was the only woman who has truly loved him. He had to do what he had to do to bring her back to his life.

I will make sure that the feelings she has for that Party man is wiped out of her mind. Jake said to himself as he sipped another glass of red wine. He had always refer to Jide as the party man.

Motunde was done taking her bath, She was dressed in a casual home wear when she got to living room where Jake was still seated watching a TV show.

Where is your kitchen. I’m hungry. Motunde said. I’m sorry I’m not a good cook, I would have cooked and prepared food for you. Jake said. Your kitchen. she repeated. By your right. He replied. Make it for two. Jake said smiling.

What has my son been eating? Motunde asked on a second thought, as she moved she turned back to ask the question. Slow down love. You handsome son has been eating really well. You should be asking me what I have been eating. Jake said.

Like I care. She replied. She walked to the kitchen. Cook for two babe, let’s eat like the good old days. Jake said.

She walked to the kitchen and prepared Amala, vegetable soup with enough meat; which was her son’s favorite, and also her favorite. It took her like some minutes to finished preparing the food.

Jake had everything planned out, it seems like he has been waiting for the return of Motunde, His kitchen was stuck up with foods and food ingredients. He knew that motunde like Amala, so he kept it for her.

45 minutes later, She was done preparing the meal. She carefully watched round the kitchen, She noticed no one was coming, From a small container she had removed from her pocket, she put a substance (pøison) into the food she was going to give Jake. After dishing out a plate of Amala for Jake, She put a little of the poison inside his soup and steered the food.

She brought out the plate of food for Jake In a tray and put it on the dinning table. I knew you would definitely bring my own food. Jake said smiling as he dropped the remote of the TV on the table and went to the dinning.

Motunde went back into the kitchen and took a plate of food and water to her son David in the guest room. Eat and don’t come out of the room, till I tell you to. She told her son, immediately she gave him his food. I love you. She added. She went back into the kitchen and brought her own food with water for them(her and Jake). I knew you still love me. Its just Time and I’m willing to give you all the time you need. Jake said

Motunde sat on the dinning table waiting for Jake to eat a spoon of the food. Jake smiled at her and she concentrated and ate her own plate of food. Just then Jake’s phone rang. He went out to answer his call.

Minutes after he received his call, he came back to the dinning and smiled at Motunde. You know I love you right? Jake told motunde. She just looked at him. Have a taste of my own plate of food. He told her passing his plate to her. She gave deaf ears to him. Eat my own plate of food. Jake said again, this time with a slight high voice.

Do you want me to call your son to eat the dåmn food you gave to me? Jake thundered. Motunde was already with food in her mouth. Not my son. She said trying to swallow the food in mouth. Eat the dåmn food, or your son helps me to eat it. Jake threatened.

Motunde was shaking (inwardly) as Jake forced her to eat the pøisoned food.



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