Letting Go episode 4

Letting Go
Episode 4
Motunde started smiling when she read the note, it could only be one person that sent the flowers which is Jake. This your boyfriend is taking care of you o. Her colleague who brought the flower said.

Motunde wore a heavy makeup before she came to work, so that the bruise on her face would be invisible. Thank you. She replied her colleague. Her colleague left the office and went back to her own office.

Just then Motunde’s phone rang, and it was Jake her boyfriend. Her guess was right. You like? Jake asked her. Yes of course. Motunde said. This is me apolosing for last night again. I love you. Jake said on the phone. I love you too. Motunde replied.

See you tonight then. Jake said. I I, i. I will be going for a party with Jane tonight. Motunde stammered on the phone. Okay. Jake replied.
Okay? She asked to be sure. Okay. Jake replied again. Whatever makes you happy. I love you. Jake said. I love you too. she replied.

Motunde was surprised that Jake was not mad at her or get angry over the phone. It was really unlike him. That day things went smoothly in the office and by 4:00pm the office closed and Motunde headed home to prepare dinner for her boyfriend before she goes for the party.

By 5:45pm she was already done cooking dinner, Her phone rang. It was Jane her best friend. Hope you are getting ready for tonight? Jane asked all excited over the phone. Come pick me up when its time. Motunde said. That’s my girl. Jane replied.

By 6:57pm Jake was back from work, Everything went smooth as it was expected, Jake took a shower, before he was done showering dinner was already on the dinning table. Motunde prepared bitter leaf soup for him, Immediately he was done bathing, Motunde went to the bathroom to take her own bath.

Her phone kept on ringing while she was in the bathroom. Minutes later she was done bathing, she went to the bedroom and found out that Jane has been calling her.

Immediately she was done, she make up her face, and wore a nice dress, with an inviting perfume. Jane was seated in the living room waiting for her. Immediately she was done making up, She met her boyfriend jake still on the dinning.

I will be going for the party now. Motunde told Jake. Be safe. Jake said. Jake kissed her. She went to the party with her friend Jane.

Reaching the party it was a lively party, It was a birthday party of a girl, Who Jane said was her friend. Soon later Jane left Motunde to go hang out.

Motunde was seated on the canteen, she had ordered a glass of wine when this handsome young man approached her.He was putting on black trouser and button shirt, With his two expensive chains round his neck. His beard was really inviting and touchy. He had that beards that every lady would love to touch. His smile was catchy.

Alone? The gentleman asked Motunde. Motunde looked at him and sipped her wine.
Can I sit with you? The man asked her. She looked at him again. Yes. She said. Beautiful dress you have here. The man told her. Thank you she replied.

My name is Jide. The gentleman told Motunde. There was something about Jide’s smile that one couldn’t resist. Motunde. She replied. This one you are all alone. Why don’t you have a dance with me. Jide said. I really can’t dance. Motunde said.

Don’t worry I will teach you. Jide said. She shake her head to No. Come on. I can’t possibly allow a pretty girl like you to be seated alone in this lively party. Let me make it a memorable one for you. Jide said.

After much persuasion from Jide, Motunde finally agreed. The danced and danced. The DJ played different kind of music in the party and he was good at what he does. Everyone in the party felt lively.

Motunde got really into Jide, There was something different about Jide, She hasn’t been this connected to any man before apart from Jake. As she kept staring at Jide, Jide reciprocated. He didn’t get his eyes off her.

For some minutes it felt like a spell and they both kissed passionately while dancing, They kissed for some minutes, To the point that everyone in the party started clapping for them. It was the sound of claps that made Motunde withdrew herself and she went out of the party.

Jide followed her immediately. As she was outside Jide met her, Motunde slapt him, What did you do that for? motunde asked angrily. He held his cheek. You came to me first. Jide replied. I’m sorry. He said.

Where is my friend? Motunde asked. who is your friend? Jide asked. Jane. she replied. Motunde was too embarrassed to go back into the party hall. So Jide went and asked for Jane; But Jane wasn’t in the party.

He came back and told Motunde, he couldn’t find her. Motunde tried calling her number but it was unreachable. I’m going home now. Motunde said.

Let me drop you off. Jide offered. But she couldn’t allow him drop her, She just met him and he already has this strong connection with her. I can’t allow you drop me. Motunde replied.

Luckily for her an uber was already outside the party venue. So she entered the uber and went home, thinking about the kiss she had with Jide.

The kiss was really intense and passionate. He is handsome, She said in her mind. Motunde couldn’t get over the kiss.

When she got home, She opened the door of her apartment and saw her boyfriend Jake having séx with her bestfriend Jane on the sofa in the living Room.


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