Letting Go episode 2

Letting Go
Episode 2

Motunde at that point didn’t know what to do. Who is that? Jide asked her. But she was quiet. What is going on? Is everything okay? The principal asked.

Jakes Voice and everything she went through when dating Jake kept ringing in her head, I hope that båstard hasn’t done anything to my child, Hope he hasn’t manipulated my son? Many thoughts were running through Motunde’s mind as she seated next to her husband Jide in front of the school Principal.

Flashback to when Motunde was dating Jake

Motunde was Jake girlfriend for a long time, and she was in a toxic relationship with Jake. She couldn’t at the moment come out the relationship, Jake showed her love (in his own special way) but would always hit her. Even when her friend told her to leave Jake, she insisted that He was going to change, but he never did.

Their relationship has been for 8years, 8years of bearing the constant nagging and shouting of Jake. Jake You need to stop shouting. Motunde told Jake one evening. when she came back from work tired, So you are calling me a shouter? Jake asked motunde angrily. That’s what you are doing now. Motunde replied him.

So I’m now a woman that shouts too much? I come back home, You didn’t keep any food for me, and you expect me to keep quiet? Jake asked angrily. You didn’t drop any money jake and beside I was tired, I just got home. You came back Before me, why didn’t prepare something for us? Motunde asked him

Jake gets angry over little things, that one thinks doesn’t matter. So you expect me to enter that kitchen and prepare something for you? So if I cook for you now, You would eat? Jake asked motunde. What’s wrong with you Cooking? Motunde asked Jake.

You must be måd. Get into that kitchen and prepare something for me to eat. Jake told motunde. But that night motunde stood her ground that she was tired. She works her åss out and come home to face this? Jake you haven’t married me yet, Stop shouting like you own me. Motunde said.

So I can’t tell my girlfriend what to do? And you know we live together, why would you always choose to come back late? Jake asked. He was still furious.

That is a talk for another day, Go into that kitchen and make something for me to eat. Jake told motunde again. Jake I’m tired, go make your self something to eat first, make yourself Noddles or something, when I gain strength. I will cook. Motunde said and tried standing up from the sofa in the parlour to go the bedroom.

But as she was standing up to go, Jake hold her hair real hard, that it started paining her. Jake you are hurting me. Motunde said. Jake paid deaf hears to what Motunde was saying. Hear me out, I’m the man in this house and when ever I tell you to do something, you do it without giving me flimsy excuses. Jake said pointing one finger towards Motunde eye.

After he was done warning her, He gave her a dirty slap. Now go Prepare that food. Jake told Motunde. Her Eyes were filled with tears. The slap hurt her real bad, that one could see the sign of the slap on Motunde’s face.

There should be no tears in that food. Jake said. Motunde was heading to the bedroom. Is that the kitchen? Jake asked her. She turned back and went to the kitchen. The slap made her loose direction. But she was a strong woman. She gave her self strength. Prepare Semo and Egusi Soup. Jake shouted from the parlor.

Jake was watching soccer in the Living Room, He was waiting for Motunde to finish cooking; 45mins later Motunde was still cooking. Are you cooking stone there? Why is it wasting time? Jake asked Motunde from the living room.

Minutes later, Motunde came out from the kitchen. She was done cooking and she dished some for Jake and kept in the dinning table. Jake came to the dinning and started eating. You took time in preparing the food, but it taste nice. Jake said after he had ate one spoon of semo and Egusi soup that Motunde Prepared.

Motunde brought drinking water for him, and she left to go have a bath. Minutes later, she was done bathing and Jake was done eating. He came to the bedroom where Motunde was seated crying in front of the mirror, still tying her white towel.

Babe, I’m sorry. Are you still angry with me for earlier? Jake said romantically immediately he entered inside the room and noticed Motunde crying. Motunde didn’t say a word. You of all people should know that I get angry when ever I’m hungry. You know. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again. Jake said holding Motunde and rubbing her shoulders gently.

Motunde was breathing in and out. This isn’t that serious, I didn’t hit you that hard. Jake said. Motunde turned and looked at him. Okay maybe I over stepped, but you too, be coming back early. Jake said.

Jake I’m not your slave, I’m your girlfriend. Treat me with respect that’s all I ask of you. Motunde said with a sorrowful voice. I will, I’m working on myself. You know I love you. Its me and you till thy kingdom come. Jake said kissing Motunde’s cheek.

Stop crying, I will change, I’m working on my myself. Jake said. I love you. Jake said. There was a seconds silence in the room. Jake looked at Motunde as she didn’t reply him. I love you too. Motunde said as she noticed that way Jake looked at her. Smile for daddy. Jake said. Motunde forcefully Gave out a smile.

You look beautiful when you smile Jake said, and your skin is shinny. He kissed her cheek again and went to the bed.

My plate is still on the dinning, when you are done with what you are doing, help me go keep the plate in the kitchen. Jake said
But Jake you just came back from the dinning, and besides you should have took the plate to the kitchen before coming to the bedroom. Motunde told Jake.



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