Letting Go episode 5

Letting Go
Episode 5
Motunde saw her best friend Jane having sēx with her boyfriend Jake inside the living room, they didn’t even find the decency to go to a bed.

Motunde became speechless at the time, She stared at her best friend and boyfriend who till now hasn’t realized that she was inside the room, They had gone far in what they were doing and facing backward. Motunde waited for them to reach orgasm.

She had to control her temper, it was when Jake cúm and withdrew that they noticed motunde standing at their back. Jesus!! Jane shouted immediately she saw Motunde at her back.

With tears in Motunde eye, Really? She asked Jane. You were supposed to be my best friend. She told Jane, she hasn’t had time for Jake yet. Why my boyfriend? Motunde asked her. Its not what you think babes. Jane replied, at the time she was trying to wear her clothes and Dress up.

Its not what I think? And you are busy enjoying the whole moment. Motunde took a deep breath. No problem. You two fit each other anyways. she said. Get out of my house. Jake thundered at Jane Before she was almost dress up.

Jane looked surprised, You don’t need to pretend. You like her. You can be with her, why are you shouting at her now? Motunde asked Jake. Babe you need to believe me, I don’t know what she did to me. She just came onto me. Jake defended himself.

Arghhhhh. Jane said in shock immediately she completed dressing up. Arghhhh what, get out of my house. Jake shouted again. I’m so sorry Jane tried begging motunde. I said get out. Jake dragged her away and closed the door behind her.

He came back to Motunde, Babe you know what we have been through, You know what we shared. Please I still love you, I still love you. Jake said with a pitiful face, this was a mistake, It won’t happen again. Jake said.

You cheat on me with my best friend? Motunde asked. There was tears in her eye, she was still trying to calm down her nerves when Jake gave her a dirty slap. The slap was resounding.

You slap me? Motunde asked surprised, And if I hear another word from you, I will give you another one. So after all I have done for you, you still have the nerves to go out and see some random guy? You kissed him in public? Cinderella How long has this been going on? Jake asked Motunde showing her the picture on his phone of the incident at the party where she kissed Jide.

Its not what you think. Motunde said holding her cheek, he is a nobody. she said. A Nobody? Really? Were you going to tell me about this Nobody? So all you do now is kiss some random guys and they in turn get under you skirt. Jake thundered.

No other man has gotten under my skirt Motunde said crying. Shut up, liar, prostitute, and to think that I even loved you. You are shameless. Jake said.

Motunde sat on the sofa crying bitterly. Crocodile tears. Jake said. She was still crying when Jane her best friend came back into the house.

Motunde didn’t even have the voice to speak, but she was surprise seeing her best friend back into the house, she just looked at her best friend and boyfriend Kissing intimately in her presence. There was no atom of remorse in their face.

Let me go take a shower. Jane told Jake, As she moved to go the bathroom. Jake hit her buttocks with his palm. I’m coming to take that bath with you. Jake said.

As they both went to the bathroom, Motunde cried bitterly sitting on the sofa. She didn’t know to do or say. Jake had been the only person she had known and loved all her life.

At this time in her life, she paid 60 percent of the rent in the house they stayed in, Jake was the one that advised her coming to the city with him. What was she going to do? Many thoughts ran through her mind.

She was still sitting on the sofa for more than 45mins when Jane and Jake was done bathing. It was already midnight, and Motunde had to sleep on the sofa, leaving Jane and Jake to have her bed.

It was a long night, She couldn’t have a proper sleep as she waited for morning to come early, but It felt like forever. When it was already Morning, She woke up and went to kitchen, she found Jane her best friend in the kitchen making breakfast already.

She had to go to the guest room and waited for her to be done, She didn’t at the moment know what to say to her. When It seems like she was done and they both had their break fast, And dressed, They were going for a special outing (Jane and Jake). They had already taken their bath.

Jake came to the Guest room. The door was open. You stay here till we are back and then I would know what to do to you. Jake told Motunde. He left the door open, Because he know that motunde will not dare disobey him. Jake left with Jane, Leaving Motunde all Alone at home.

Motunde stayed at home indoors, thinking of what to do, she was scared of leaving the house, Because she knew that Jake would always catch up with her.

For an hour in the guest bedroom, Motunde decided to take the risk, she remembered the kiss with Jide at the party. She deserve Love. She started parking her belongings, the little she could carry, She dressed up without taking her bath that morning. She took her bag and ran out of the house.

While she was running, A car stopped her just immediately after her apartment. The person inside whined down the glass, and It was jide from the party.

Have you been following me? Motunde asked him hurriedly. Jide saw the scare on her face. Who did this to you? Jide asked. Are you dropping me off or you would keep asking me questions? Motunde asked.

Jide opened his car and Motunde dropped her bags inside and entered the car.

In the principal Office, Motunde remembered all she went through in Jake’s House and how she met Jide her now husband.



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