Letting Go episode 6

Letting Go
Episode 6

Motunde was seated in the principal’s office beside her husband Jide, at the point after the thought of what she passed through in Jake’s hand when they were dating ran through her mind, her prayers became; may nothing happen to her only child.

Jake had already hang up the call on her. Let’s go babe. She told Jide. The principal was already in surprise because she didn’t know what was going on? Is everything alright? the principal asked.

Thank you for your time Madam principal, but we would have to settle this at home as a family. Motunde stood up and left the office. Jide followed her immediately. Why the sudden change of mind? the principal thought to herself.

Jide knew that something was wrong, but he couldn’t figure out what exactly. Immediately they entered the car. Babe what’s wrong? Jide asked her immediately they entered the back seat. Is it not that båstãrd. He must not do anything to my son. Motunde let out a loud screamed in the car. It was as if she had been holding the scream for a Long time.

Who, who’s that? Jide asked. Motunde looked at him surprised. Like seriously? was he joking? He couldn’t even guess(She thought in her mind). But non of that was of an importance at that moment.

My Ex Jake. Motunde said. Their driver has already started driving them home. Your toxic ex? Jide asked. Yes. Let’s involve the police. Jide said. I don’t want him to hurt our baby. Motunde said with tears in her eyes.

They soon arrived their house and went into their apartment. Let’s involve the police, Jide said again. That man is a mønster. He might húrt our baby. Motunde said. Just then her phone rang again. It is an unknown caller id. When she picked the call, It was Jake on the line.

You know what I want. Jake said over the phone. I don’t know. Motunde replied. Don’t play dumb with me. We didn’t break up. You left me for that man you met at the party. You left me to make this cute little baby boy right beside me now. I told you that we were stuck together in this relationship. There is no letting go. Jake said.

After all this years Jake, After all this years?. Why come back now? You choosed my friend over me. Why are you disturbing my life now? Motunde said to him on the phone.

What I and your friend had was just a minor game, it was nothing serious. I wanted you to feel how it felt to be cheated on. Jake said.
I have never cheated on you before. Motunde replied him.

But you are now and you have enjoyed it while it lasted. Jake said and laughed heavily over the phone. I’m married now Jake. She replied. I didn’t tell you to. You have to come back to me. Its not a request. Its an order. Jake said.

You are a beåst Jake. Motunde said. And you love this béast like that. Say hello to mommy, jake told motunde’s baby boy. Hello mommy. The boy said over the phone. My baby Motunde said with the most calmest voice that she could, but her voice was a bit shaky.

I’m Expecting you back soon. Jake said and hang up the call again. Jide was just staring at motunde when she was making the call. He didn’t know what to do or say. He had to be calm. He loves Motunde very much.

What is he saying? Jide asked immediately she hang up the call. He wants me back. Motunde said with tears in her eyes. Its not possible, Didn’t he hear that you are married? Jide thundered, even as he was trying to be calm.

He said he doesn’t care. she replied. Let’s involve the police babe. Jide said holding motunde’s two shoulders. He will hurt our baby. That man is a béast. I have lived with him almost all my life. Motunde said.

They were still discussing when a message pop into Motundes phone. A house location address was sent to her, signed by Jake. It was a location very far from where they lived.

Babe don’t tell me that you are giving in so easily. Jide told Motunde. He has our baby. Motunde said. Babe I have to do this. she said.

It was a hard decision for the family to take, letting go your wife to go back to her toxic ex? It needed courage and mind. After much arguments and discussion between the two, Jide finally decided to let Motunde go; but they first came up with a plan.

In the message sent it was said that Motunde should come alone. So the next day after She was dressed and prepared she ordered an Uber that took her to the location that jake sent to her phone.

It was a lonely house, down a bushy road, some hours Journey. Jake was so happy to see Motunde. He tried to kiss her immediately the uber left. But she refused. I totally get, the blood of that party man still runs in you. I will clean it soon. Jake said smiling. There was a bit of quiet by the two. You came. Jake said after the minute of silence. Isn’t It what you wanted. She replied. He took her bag and put it inside his own car. Are we still going far? Motunde asked him as she entered his car. You will find out he replied. And he drove for another hour to the house where they would stay. Immediately they reached, He brought out her bag from the booth and took it into the house, Motunde followed him in.

I missed you, You never changed one bit. Jake said immediately he took the bag to the living room. Where is my son? Motunde asked. You need to relax, let’s catch up first. Jake said. He went and brought out a glass of red wine and gave to her. Motunde let out an evil smile.



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