Into The Unknown episode 9


Episode 9

On a typical working day, filled with an array of meetings and paperwork, Chachi found himself seated in a boardroom, engrossed in a critical business negotiation. The air was thick with tension as lawyers and executives debated the terms of a high-stakes merger. Chachi, known for his sharp mind and strategic brilliance, was at the forefront of the negotiations.

As he looked across the table, his eyes met those of a striking woman. It was Ifeoma, now a successful entrepreneur in her own right, there to represent her father’s company’s interests in the merger. Her presence was like a bolt of lightning in the room, commanding attention and respect.

Ifeoma was perfectly dressed, exuding confidence and determination. Her eyes held a depth of experience that hinted at the challenges she had overcome in her journey to life. Chachi found himself captivated, unable to look away.

During a break in the negotiations, Chachi and Ifeoma’s paths crossed in the lobby. The brief exchange of pleasantries turned into a conversation that flowed effortlessly. Their words resonated on a level beyond business, sparking an unexpected connection.
It was as if the universe had conspired to bring them together at that precise moment, the timing unexpected. The chemistry between them was undeniable, a compelling force that goes beyond the boundaries of the corporate world.

But as they exchanged contact and went their separate ways, the weight of their respective pasts hung in the air. Chachi knew the depths of his emotional scars, while Ifeoma carried the fresh wounds of love lost. Their tragic histories loomed like shadows, casting doubt on the possibility of a future together.

As Chachi returned to his office, he couldn’t shake the feeling that Ifeoma had stirred something within him—a longing he had long suppressed. For Ifeoma, the encounter with the enigmatic Chachi had left her both intrigued and feeling weird, wondering if God had plans beyond the tragedies that had defined her life.

In the weeks that followed their unexpected encounter, Chachi and Ifeoma’s professional lives continued to intertwine. They found themselves attending the same business conferences and meetings, their paths crossing with a frequency that seemed more than mere coincidence.

Each time they meet their connection deepens. Their conversations, initially centred on business, gradually shifted to more personal topics. They shared tales from their pasts, dreams for the future, and the challenges they had overcome.

Late one evening, after a particular conference Chachi and Ifeoma decided to go for drinks. In that cozy space, surrounded by the soft music they began to open up in ways they hadn’t with anyone else. Ifeoma spoke of her love for Uchenna and the betrayal she felt at the hands of her best friend, Amara. Tears welled up in her eyes as she recounted the heartbreak of losing Uchenna on what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. The grief she felt, the depression, therapy, and eventually her salvation story.

Chachi, in turn, shared the pain of losing Dumebi, his girlfriend, he described the haunting memories that beset him, the sleepless nights, and the fear that had kept him emotionally distant from women ever since.

Their stories resonated on a deep level. They had both experienced pain, each carrying the heavy burden of grief and trauma. As they spoke, Ifeoma could tell that Chachi was dealing with guilt and she knew that there was only one way for him to come out of it.
“It seems to me that you feel guilty over your girlfriend being kidnapped and this has kept you in bondage. You have to forgive yourself and let it go else you will never be able to move on.”
“How can I move on when I am responsible for what happened to her? It’s my fault she travelled that day if I hadn’t pressured her, she would still be here.”
“No there’s no way of telling but what if I told you there is a way out of this, will you believe me?”
“If you want answers on what happened to her you can pray and ask God. God will surely answer; I believe that everyone has a path in life to follow and no matter how you love your family and loved ones they each must follow their path.”
“Well, I can’t live past this feeling of guilt and I can’t be with another woman, I’m sorry Ifeoma.”
“I understand Chachi, let me help you.”
“During my darkest moment, someone gave me a book that changed my life, I want to gift you the same book it will change your life.”
“A book, how?”
“Don’t dismiss it, read it first and if it did nothing for you well, you can forget it.”

Chachi took the book that night and read it into the night, one article after another he couldn’t put it down. When he was done reading, he cried, confessed his sins, and gave his life to Jesus. Something no one could do for him.”

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