Into The Unknown episode 7


Episode 7

The police began their investigation and the story took a different turn. The police accused Ifeoma and Chidi of killing Uche and Amara. According to their theory, Ifeoma knew about the affair going on between Uchenna and Amara and hired armed men to do the dirty job for her. On Chidi’s part, some of their friends testified against him about how he had been obsessing over Amara and had actually quarrelled with Uche because of Amara.

They were both arrested and that added to Ifeoma’s mental stress she had a breakdown and her father had to use his connection to keep her out of jail. Chidi wasn’t that lucky as he didn’t have wealthy parents. He was sad to think that Amara even in her death had the power to cause him more pain eventually, some of his friends were able to arrange bail for him and he was asked not to leave the city.

One Afternoon Ifeoma and Chidi were invited by the police. They went there with their lawyers and Ifeoma’s father was with her. They were all seated in the ASP’s office. He was a schoolmate of Ifeoma’s father. The Officer signaled to one of his staff who left the office and returned with a young criminal-looking guy, he was in handcuffs.
“Welcome Fredo” the ASP welcomed his friend.
“Thank you, Franco, what’s going on”
“We found the killers of Uche and Amara, this guy here is their ring leader, he told us some interesting things.”
Ifeoma turned, looking him in the eye she asked “What did my fiancée and friend do to you that you had to kill them.”
“Friend indeed” he scoffed. “If Amara was your friend, then you don’t need enemies. Your fiancée was just a victim but he deserved it, for double-crossing his best friend here.”
“How do you mean?” Ifeoma asked him.
“Chidi here asked Uche to help him talk to Amara his love interest but as usual he kept the girl for himself.”
‘And how did you know this?” Chidi asked him.
“Amara told me herself.”
“So did Chidi ask you to kill them” Ifeoma’s father asked.
“No Chidi didn’t ask us, it was my decision.”
Chidi sighed and for the first time since entering the room, he relaxed a little.

The guy continued “Amara thought she was smart, she tried to double-cross me but I am smarter than her. She wasn’t your friend at all Ifeoma. Amara wanted your life, the wealth, the attention. She has a different life you know nothing about and in that life, I am her boyfriend. She envied you and hated you, she wanted Uche for herself. Our plan initially was to blackmail him and extort money from him so we could both travel out but she had other plans. All the breakups you and Uche had were caused by Amara and anytime you fight with Uche he goes to Amara for comfort. When she kept telling me to hold on with our plans to blackmail him that was when I suspected she was up to something.”
“Are you talking about the same Amara, my best friend?”
“Yes, she planned to kill you on your wedding day.”
“What!” Ifeoma, her father, and Chidi exclaimed at the same time.
“When she told me her new plan was to kill you and marry Uche so that we could get more money from him, I knew something was wrong. She was in love with Uche, she betrayed me.”
“And you have to kill them both for that? Chidi asked.
“I killed her because she planned to frame me for the murder of her friend, she had already informed the police who would arrive at the scene after the incident and arrest my boys and me. Someone tipped me off so I went to the hotel that night to confront her and she denied it. So, I decided to end it all that night so I killed them both.”
“Ha! What wickedness,” Ifeoma’s father exclaimed.
“Wait I still can’t believe you, what evidence do you have to convince me Amara did all of this, she was like a sister to me.”
“Yes, she was, she became just more than a friend to Amara they did everything together.” her father reaffirms.

“He is telling the truth; we have his and Amara’s phone and there are messages they exchanged which prove that he is not lying.” the ASP confirmed.

At that moment, Ifeoma’s tears began to flow. “Amara, how can you do this to me, I supported you through Law school and loved you like a sister, and Uche, whom I believed loved me… How could they betray me like this?” Ifeoma asked, her voice quivering as tears streamed down her cheeks. “How could they deceive me, sneaking behind my back, with Amara even plotting to kill me? How heartless can she be?”
“It’s alright, Ifeoma. Thankfully, their plans failed. When you are rich and successful, people are drawn to you, but not everybody has good intentions some are driven solely by what they can gain from the relationship. It’s unfortunate for men like Uche, lacking self-restraint, that they sometimes find themselves entangled in situations like this. You should be grateful you’re alive. I assure you that their actions won’t go unpunished. Take him away.”

The ringleader was escorted away.

“Thank you so much, Franco. I owe you one,” Ifeoma’s father expressed his gratitude.

“Not a problem at all. So, Ifeoma and Chidi, you are both free to leave. You’ve been absolved of all charges.”

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