Into The Unknown episode 5


Episode 5:

The sun had barely risen over the city skyline when Ifeoma awoke, her heart p******g with anticipation. Today was the day she had been dreaming of for months – the day she would marry Uchenna, the love of her life. Their engagement had been celebrated with splendour, and their wedding was set to be a display of opulence and elegance.

In the lavish bridal suite, one of Ifeoma’s friends flitted around her, helping her into her exquisite wedding gown. Her mother, adorned in traditional attire, watched with teary eyes as her daughter transformed into a radiant bride.
“You are such a beautiful bride Ifeoma.”
“Thank you, mum, but I can’t believe Amara is not here and her phone is switched off. Last night she said she had something urgent to attend to and she was only going to be gone for an hour. I just hope she is fine.” Ifeoma lamented.
“Honestly this is very strange if she doesn’t show up in the next ten minutes Onye here will have to be your chief bridesmaid, thank God, they are the same size” Her mother announced.

But as Ifeoma stood before the mirror, her heart swelled with a mix of excitement and nervousness. She couldn’t wait to say her vows and begin this new chapter of her life with Uchenna. Their love story had been one of many sad and happy moments, and today was supposed to be the culmination of their happiness.

However, fate had other plans.

A sudden knock on the door interrupted the bridal preparations. It was Ngozi, Ifeoma’s cousin, who had a grave expression on her face. She held a phone in her trembling hand, and her voice quivered as she said, “Ifeoma, you need to take this call.”
Confused and concerned, Ifeoma picked up the phone. The voice on the other end delivered news that would shatter her world. Uchenna, her beloved Uchenna, had been found dead in a hotel room this morning. He lay lifeless in a pool of blood, and to make matters worse, Amara, Ifeoma’s best friend and maid of honour, was found in bed with him.

Shock and disbelief coursed through Ifeoma’s veins. The world around her seemed to crumble, and the joyous melodies of the wedding turned into a haunting silence. The wedding that was supposed to be a celebration of love had become a tragedy of unimaginable proportions.

Tears welled up in Ifeoma’s eyes as she dropped the phone, her trembling hands clutching her heart. The wedding that she had eagerly anticipated had been stolen by a cruel twist of fate, leaving her with a heart filled with sorrow and questions that begged for answers.

Ifeoma could not process what had happened she succumbed to the blackness that surrounded her and she was out for two days straight. The wedding was cancelled, Uche’s parents were beside themselves with grief and Ifeoma’s parents refused to leave her side at the hospital for those two days she was out. Amara’s parents too were mourning and very embarrassed as it was obvious what their daughter was up to behind their back.

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